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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Hero review

Today I went to the dealership. As I was looking around the lot, my eye was focused on a particular vehicle. The dealer dude walks up and starts chatting it up a bit when he asked,
“So, ya looking at a vehicle for trade-in value?”

“Trade in?!? My P.O.S.?”
I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! Read yesterday’s entry to understand why

The movie Hero featuring Jet Li may be a movie that thorough plot lovers may avoid at first glance. That would be a mistake in this case for Hero is awesome! For the action enthusiasts, there is plenty of really cool swordplay and other weapons that my ‘ninja turtle' knowledge of the subject could only try to comprehend. The plot is very much parallel to current debates between Reps and Dems in that Yimou Zhang portrays Jet Li as a patriot for the union of a future, peaceful China.

However the plot and action is not even close to the best part of this movie! While I was watching this I was dreaming of a future home theatre system with Hero playing. I can just imagine my future neighbor banging on the walls to turn down my tv volume of water dropping from rooftops (from Hero) because it makes him have to urinate. That particular scene does make one want to grab their pants and limp to the toilet!

Finally the scenes are so beautiful! It’s makes the background of every fighting game look like children playing with crayons. There is one fighting scene in Autumn and tons of bright yellow leaves floating with each swipe of a sword… or whatever death tools they use.

Hero uses a lot of imagination by the characters and flashbacks. The key to understanding these somewhat confusing flashbacks is in the main colors. If the scene looks surreal and you wonder if there was an irritating love affair with the color green, it just an interpretation or a story being told. But I suppose ya may not need to be told that. I’m not the smartest person in the world and I had a little trouble.

Another aspect that may seem complicated is the use of subtitles. It’s really not that bad once you get used to it. In fact another movie I recommend uses subtitles, In July. I rented In July from Blockbuster when I came home to find out it was subtitled.
“F--- me running!” I said! But it turned out to be one of the funniest, sweetest movies ever and it’s GERMAN! After the movie was over, I felt I was one of the most cultured people ever! All I needed was a mullet!

Back to Hero

Quentin Tarantino had something to do with this movie, but I don’t know what exactly. From what I have been reading about, it sounds like Tarantino was responsible for keeping a certain scene that supposedly ‘westerners wouldn’t get’, or something to that nature.

This is really a must see! Go right now, forget your children or the Twins (they WERE winning) and just go right now!

Morneau just hit another home. Listen and you can hear Gardy say,
“Doug who?”

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