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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Boombellotties and MILFs

(don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block)

If I were J-lo, I would take a five-year absence from all media for the sake of her career because EVERYONE is sick of her!

Also, if I were J-lo, I’d never leave the house

Quick revelation,
The coach of the Oregon Ducks football team is Mike Bellotti right?
So if we attach a prefix ‘Boom’ in front of Bellotti, we have ‘boombellotti’

Hence, the correct spelling of boombellotti? Eh? Eh?

Lately there have been many commercials featuring families going to McDonalds, doing work around the house, or driving in their cars. Fine, it’s all good. The thing about these commercials is the boombellotti factor involved with the mother.

Normally a ‘hot’ mother would be considered a ‘MILF’ which means—well, I’ll tell you when you’re older. These women are not MILFs. MILFs have the qualities of mothers AND hotties. For instance, a hottie is good looking all around. A MILF is a hottie that has ‘been through the trenches’ and you can see it, but she’s still a knock out.

These commercials feature a typical son and daughter saying their quirky things, A father who is usually old and upper middle class with dignity, and a mother: a porn star dressed up as a confident, working class woman.

Mothers don’t look like that. Have you seen that Old Navy commercial where the kid comes home and really wants to mow the lawn? His mother is hot in a porn star sense.

Ok, ok maybe you don’t see it right away, but think to yourself- ‘do you know anyone’s’ mother that looks like that?’

Didn’t think so.

Now picture that same woman wearing a porn star outfit, yeaaaah, now you see what I’m getting at.

I’m not against this mainstream porn star mother love. In fact I applaud it. I love how people can portray mothers like they do. It makes commercials worth watching!

It just makes the world go round

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Hog said...

Where do you come up with this shit? Seriously. Although we're running against each other, this is some funny shot a quarter of the time. Oh yeah one more thing, play poker with us this weekend beeeoootttccchhhh!