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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Tom's Advice 2.0

(skin on skin, let the love begin, WOMAN!)

When it comes to a sport whose regular season doesn’t mean anything, baseball is the top sport. These players play everyday for 162 games just to try and PLAY in October. Then October comes and this hotshot baseball, wildcard team, comes and smokes everyone to oblivion.

The Twins just might be that hotshot team this year! They have, what one may argue, TWO ace pitchers with Santana and Radke and not to mention a lineup that can small ball any team to death. Usually the ONE team that is hot in September ends up winning the World Series. Folks, the Twins are easily the hottest team in baseball right now, but there are 17 games left.

Are the Twins getting hot too early?

What sucks about the Twins situation is that they could easily clinch the division this weekend and have their starters (not pitchers) sit out the rest of September to preserve them. This move would seem logical but it could cool off the hot Twins team.

My Advice,

Play everyone, all the time.
Have an ‘all infielders day’ where Henry Blanco would play shortstop and Pat Borders playing third. Mornaeu would be the starting pitcher and Rivas would play somewhere in the outfield and so on. Then in the bottom of the 5th, screw up everyone and put in all your outfielders and bullpen guys into whatever position they feel like playing.

I can only imagine someone like Christian Guzman playing catcher and trying to tell Corey Koskie how to pitch a high heater to Miguel Tejata. Dick Bremer and Bert Blyleven end up talking about how much of a bastard Mike Piazza is and more people come to the ballpark.

That way all the players stay fresh and confused
And the Twins win the World Series.

Hopefully against the Cubs.
And then I’d be President

Football picks tomorrow yo!

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