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Friday, September 17, 2004

Vikes will win baby

(Don’t stand, don’t stand so, don’t stand so close to me)

These are definitely good times yo!
-Twins are kickin’ ass. (Against the White Sox too!)
-Vikings are playing a HUGE game on Monday night
-Gophers are playing a legitimate team instead of Lakeland Dental Academy
-Everyday the weather is doing something new
-Those goddamn ladybugs haven’t made their appearance yet.
-and I am long gone from Sodak

What a ‘character building’ experience SoDak was.
Last week I was 7-9 in my picks. Ya really can’t beat that eh?

Hopefully I will this week.

San Francisco at New Orleans
New Orleans couldn’t do anything against the Seahawks last week. I don’t believe San Francisco is that good, or any good at all. God, San Fran is a boring team.
Saints 35 San Fran 10

Washington @ NY Giants
If you have Clinton Portis on your team, you may just need to play that guy since that’s all Washington will do on Sunday. Mark Brunell won’t pass nearly as much as he’ll hand off.
Clinton 28 Giants 10

Denver @ Jacksonville
Quentin Griffen baby! This guy showed the Chiefs how it’s done! Too bad the Chiefs suck. Jacksonville’s defense doesn’t though. Denver wins with Champ Baileys first offensive touchdown.
Denver 21 Jacksonville 3

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore
So much for that Baltimore defense loosing to CLEVELAND! Talk about sad, Cleveland didn’t even have their main back, Lee Suggs. Pittsburgh showed guts vs. Oakland, but that doesn’t say much. Jerome Bettis: 1 yard, 3 TD’s, 7” per carry. WTF?
Steelers 17 Baltimore 14

St. Louis @ Atlanta
The people at FOX and CBS don’t know jack about showing football because instead of this game or the Colts and Titans, we get to see the Lions and Houston and Chicago and Green Bay. St. Louis may not be the same media ‘wad blowing’ team they used to be.
Atlanta 24 St. Louis 21

Houston @ Detroit
OOOH the game of the week for CBS. Is it just because Detroit is in our division that CBS would think us Minnesotans would want to watch this crap? I don’t think anyone gives a damn about these two teams. Detroit goes 2-0 for the first time ever!
Lions 17 Texans 10

Chicago @ Green Bay
This game would’ve been better if it were in December. For all we know it could be sunny and 80 degrees on Sunday in Lambeau. NOW THAT’S GREEN BAY FOOTBALL WEATHER!!!
Damn Packers 31 Chicago 24

Indianapolis@ Tennessee
Heaven forbid that CBS show this crappy game. This is only two of the top teams of the last couple years. We wouldn’t want to see Steve McNair against Peyton Manning. Nah!
Colts 28 Titans 17

Carolina @ Kansas City
Oh and definitely not this game. This game only features one of the best offenses against one of the best defenses. When I say best defenses, I don’t mean the Chiefs either. They gave up 150 to a midget!
Chiefs 35 Panthers 31

Seattle @ Tampa Bay
Does Tampa have any wide outs left? What’s Jake Reed doing nowadays? Where’s Herman Moore or Anthony Miller? Cris Carter may come out of retirement to play for the Bucs.
Seattle 17 Bucs 7

Cleveland @ Dallas
Talk about a hard nose football game and a weird one at that. Vinny and Company against the Jeff Garcia led Browns. Too bad no one cares. I’m surprised that CBS don’t show this crappy game
Cowboys 24 Browns 14

Buffalo @ Oakland
Talk about a crappy game last week. If you’re a fan of field goals and hard-core defense, then last weeks Bills/ Jaguars game was it for you. There was just one touchdown at the end of the game. Glad I didn’t pay to see that one.
Bills 17 Oakland 14

New England @ Arizona
This is one of those games where the best team plays the worst, and everyone predicts a blowout. Just that those games always ends up being GREAT games. Arizona almost knocked off the Rams last week. Perhaps Denny isn’t that bad of a fit.
Patriots 27 Cardinals 24

NY Jets @ San Diego
So Curtis Martin is the king pimp now because he can run against the Bengals. Now he’ll get his chance against the Chargers. After this game, people will forget all about Jim Brown.
Jets 38 Chargers 14

Miami @ Cincinnati
Now for the other ‘Game of the Day’. Why would ESPN ever consider putting the Bengals on primetime? This is hardly Chiefs and Broncos. Nonetheless, Ricky Williams totally screwed Miami to the point where they don’t have ANY offense! Good thing they’re playing Cincinnati. Good thing for Cincinnati is that they are playing the Dolphins.
Bengals 24 Dolphins 10

Minnesota @ Philadelphia
Now THIS is a game! The two best receivers in the game with arguably the two best QB’s. A lot of people have been comparing this Vikings offense to the ’98 offense. Philadelphia’s run defense totally sucks too! The Vikes will run all over the Eagles. I will still be a shootout though.
Vikings 38 Eagles 35

Last week 7-9 (yeah when you're right 43% of the time, you gotta be wrong 60% of the time)

Good weekends all around

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