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Monday, September 20, 2004

What a crappy game!

(are you ready for some football, Monday night par-TAY)

What a crappy game that was. Just when you think the Vikings were done playing ‘stupid’ football, they come and play that crapper of a game.

Not that it was working anyway, but still…

I had the privilege of seeing one of the funniest movies since Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. A movie that was original in every sense of the word.

Napoleon Dynamite is EXCELLENT!

For an MTV film, this is hands down, the best that awful company has come up with. On paper one may think that Napoleon Dynamite is the nerdy high school character that pleads for compassion. He doesn’t because Dynamite is all attitude. Napoleon also dishes out hilarious insults that are more surprising and funny than the next.

Other characters like Kip, Napoleon’s nerdier brother, is also tremendous. Throughout the movie he’s on his computer ‘chatting with babes’ expressing so with a sharp smugness. Then there’s Uncle Rico, a high school backup quarterback who never lets anyone forget it. Uncle Rico could be the best character in the film with his crazy money making ideas and stupid expressions on his face.

The numerous cut shots are brilliantly timed for great comedy. The beginning of a few scenes is started by strange expressions by the characters, or Kip, trying to prove that Tupperware will survive the weight of a van, unsuccessfully of course.

The movie is just so random and it constantly catches the viewer off guard.
I highly recommend this movie, if its available at theater near you.

Twins clinched, so there was SOME good news yesterday.
Until tomorrow

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Hog said...

Another movie your bich ass should go see is Garden State. It's hilarious.