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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Who drives a purple car?

(Don’t know what you got, 'til it’s gone)

Actually I do know what I have and despite the numerous brake jobs, the rust, and the lack of a tape player.

As of 10am this morning, THAT P.O.S. IS GONE!

Hog, I will rip you a new maizehole another day.

As for those pictures,

As a rule of thumb, if I don’t remember those pictures being taken, none of that stuff ever happened.

And I don’t remember any of those pictures.

My quest for finding a new car is officially over.
Found a sweet-ass Grand Am with only 10,000 miles. So no more spineless salesmen, no more of the salesman/customer game, and no more time spent on figuring out what I want to drive and the research that comes with it.

However I will miss the chess match that comes with any salesman and customer when talking price.
Oh it’s great!
There are so many strategies and being the customer, you always have the upper hand! Telling dealers about pseudo offers from the dealer across the street (they usually cave in). Then breaking the salesman’s’ heart when they find out you’re not interested.

I love it all!

I have found that looking for a car seems a lot like finding that special woman.
Gotta make sure you find the year, make, and model you want.
Gotta make sure it’s the right size that fits your lifestyle.
Ya don’t want a noisy, whiney P.O.S. that wont pass the semis.
And you don’t want something you’ll live to regret every time you drive it.

I just wish it was as easy as going to a ‘yeah baby’ dealership and test-driving the make/model of your choice.

Yup, and ya’ll wonder why I’m still single….or maybe ya don’t.

Yeah, I really couldn’t keep going with that analogy without SOME sort of sexual innuendo.

Nah the interesting thing (I think) about my new car is that it’s purple. When looking at the car I was thinking,
“Damn, this is a sweet Vikings car! I could put a huge ass horn on the side and the Vikings’ logo on the back!”

It would be cool!
I do feel the need to name my car though. I’m thinking,

-Or the LESBO-MOBILE (because I heard that purple is the preferred color of lesbians).

Cool, but only lipstick lesbians please!

Until tomorrow…

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