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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Womens' Ping Pong


So I walk to another dealership today when the dealer dude asks,
“So, uh what kinda model are ya looking for?” and I says,
“I was wondering if you had an Ichiro Suzuki in stock.”

Hello? Hello? [tap, tap] Is this thing working?

Twins won again man! All with Mulholland & Borders as battery mates! Not to mention, these September call-ups are very interesting. That Tiffie dude whom won it for the Twins with a fluky two-run double and Kubel (the new Mauer) sitting on the bench.

Today in ESPN they had on one of the most fascinating sports I have ever seen,
Women’s’ Ping Pong! I believe they actually called it table tennis, but lets not give it that much dignity.
So if your like me you think they might have the some crazy characters playing ping pong right? Nah, these women were complete ‘yeah babies’! The ‘yeah baby’ factor was so severe that I think it may be a secret clue to finding the illustrious ‘Hot Girl Camp’.

The thing that separates this sport from regular tennis or volleyball (both sponsored by Hot Girl Camp) is that this game is more laid back. The competitors will actually bust out a smile and laugh a bit while playing, unlike that steely-eyed prick, Forest Gump

This summer working for the Forest Service in South Dakota, I thought I was hot on the trail for this sacred camp noticing that SoDak does have a high proportion of hotties. However; like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it just keeps getting farther from my grasp.


Now if a representative could chime in with a clue, hell even a hint as to what goes on at “Hot Girl Camp” It would allow me to sit in a hammock and dream if only a day!
All I know now about Hot Girl Camp is that it’s somewhere warm (so they can stay nice and warm and hot during the Winter) and they play tons of Volleyball, Tennis, and Ping Pong. They probably also listen to that stupid girl power song ‘This Ones for the Girls”, which I will allude to another day.

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