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Thursday, October 28, 2004


(You better run all day and run all night, keep your dirty feelings deep inside)

Man, I really dropped the ball on this one.

Yesterday, I was all focused on…
-Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
-finding a new apartment/house
-the World Series
-dreams of a new TV

That I completely forgot about writing in.

I got a couple things to go off of though...

Tuesday 9:45am, Best Buy, Woodbury

So, I got the chance to have fast food breakfast and took it! I came to Best Buy ten minutes before they opened so I can get the new GTA.
Usually, I’m doing this sort of thing for concert tickets and then the crowd is festive, talkative, and usually talking music.
The ten or so guys waiting at Best Buy were really different.

At that time, you had like ten dudes, all in sweats and baseball caps, trying to ‘look cool’ while waiting to buy a video game.

They’re smoking and doing this ‘Marlboro cowboy’ look as they’re waiting for some dork in a blue shirt to let ‘em in.

Then there were the total stoners who didn’t realize how cold it was until they get out of their car. Instead of going back in the car, they just stand outside the door like,
“Dude, man, let me in….. I need some video games!”.

Then, after I buy my shyt, I go home and sleep until I hafta work

What a day huh?

Quick bits

It was official last night at about 10pm…
First I’ll tell you my runningbacks for this weekend…
-Duece McAllister
-Aaron Stecker
-Lee Suggs
-Quentin Griffen
-Onterio Smith

So if you do the math with the byes this weekend and weed suspensions,I have just Quentin Griffen as my only running back this weekend and he’s just been the crappy backup for the Broncos.

So, at about 10pm, I find out that Griffen tore is ACL and is gone for a year. So now my runningback situation for this weekend looks like,
_____________________ (tumbleweeds)



As much as I tried, I just got ass faced on this one!

This whole situation proves that Griffen IS the bust of the '04 NFL season.

Ah well, I’ll still win. It’s all about the system right?

-Red McCombs can kiss my ass!

-Doritos are ‘2 for $4’ at Knowlands! Go and grab yourselves a couple gallons of milk and 40 or so bags of Doritos.

-I expect all the women going to these Halloween parties this weekend to dress as slutty as possible. Be a slutty George Bush or a slutty John Kerry. Maybe a slutty Ricky Williams or a slutty Spongebob. I don’t know

Super crappy picks tomorrow

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