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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Eternal Sunshine of Yogi Berra

(The stillness here like what he finds inside her, hits so hard it could steal your breath forever)

Monday morning at 2am, I watched the most appalling segment ever. It was that list show on Fox Sports Net and the topic was, “Best MLB Catches”.

This is one of those copycat VH1 shows that shows a clip, and then has an up-and-coming comedians make their stupid quirks about the clip

Kirby Puckett was fifth on the list with his game 6 World Series catch (good choice). After the clip these STUPID comedians, whom obviously don’t know a crap about baseball, start ripping on the dude.

“Here’s a short, fat dude that got stuck playing the outfield for some reason”

“That was probably the only time he’s ever jumped above 1 foot.”

“He had more fat than muscle”

Were the general comments regarded towards Puckett.

I about fell out of bed! They were ripping the guy like he was Manny Ramirez!

When you look at the typical center fielders, Torii Hunter, Ken Griffy Jr., Jim Edmonds, Johnny Damon, and whoever you want to put up there; Puckett, physically is the odd man out.

He was not an average or even good fielder. HE WAS A GREAT CENTERFIELDER!!!! Umm I don’t know SIX GOLD GLOVES Out there!!!!
He was not all fat either! This ‘FATTIE’ hit 13 triples in one year. That’s Cristian Guzman type numbers.
879 hits in a four-year period. That’s Ichiro type numbers!
And first year ballot hall of famer, which speaks for itself.

Any Minnesotan will tell you that Puckett robbed plentiful amount of hitters of homeruns in his day.

Just goes to show that comedians rank about as low as DJ’s in the swing of things.

I wanted to talk about a damn good movie

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I cannot yell loud enough, I cannot jump up and down fast enough, nor can I find enough walls to bounce off of to say how GREAT this movie is.

Jim Carrey almost seems to be the Kevin Smith of actors for that most of the stuff he does is crap, but a couple movies he works in end up being masterpieces.

The Truman Show was the other masterpiece this guy’s been in.

This movie is not for the A.D.D. type people. There are no special effects in this movie as well, so all you Jerry Bruckhieimer dumbsh*ts; this isn’t for you.
This movie is along the same lines as Being John Malkovich and the scenes switch around a lot.

Kate Winslet, fat? Yeah freakin’ right! She may not be the anorexic, boney model, but she’s got hops yo!

Joel (Carrey) and Clementine (Winslet) are a couple when Clementine decides to try and erase Joel out of her life after a little ‘couple spout’. Joel finds this out and decides to do the same to Clementine. As all his memories of Clementine are being erased, Joel decides that he wants to keep them after all. So Clem and Joel go through this whorl wind series of memories trying to hide from the erasers.


Eh, that’s the best I could do. It’s kinda hard to explain a movie like this.

This movie is rated #37 in the IMDB top 250 just above Fight Club and has the same rating (and more votes) than American Beauty.

Just so you know.

This last weekend I realized that my mom is the female Yogi Berra because she talks just like him!
If there is such a thing
Until tomorrow


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