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Monday, October 04, 2004

Ha Ha Ha oh Hog

(Just got back from Illinois, locked the front door oh boy, got to sit down and take a rest on the porch)

Aaron Stecker may not have had the career game, but one thing is sure, HOG WAS WRONG ON THE PACKER GAME. He used his smear campaign and called me crazy in predicting the Packer crappy outing.

Then again, I was wrong on a lot of my picks last Friday, but not that it matters!

First thing though, I have an activity for you. Click on that link I have on the right there,
‘Collegeball basketball blog’ and once you’re there; scroll down on the links section on the left hand side of THAT page. It’s way on the bottom of the page in the ‘Journals with Sports’ section. Bergblog is just below Johnny Bacardi and above Boi from Troy.
Click that and then you’re back here!

And what a sports journal is it!

Yeah for all your college basketball hopes and dreams go to

Anyone else have a link that I could pimp? I’ll put it on my sidebar O’ links!

Crap List

1. Living at home with your parents
It’s so god damn depressing coming home and having to be quiet because Mom has to wake up in the morning. Then there’s no tv around because Dad is watching a hundred cars constantly taking left hand turns. Then the questions they ask…
What time do you work? Same time as always.
Why did you go to the gas station? To get gas.
Why didn’t you get the mail? Because it wasn’t there.
Do you want peanut butter on that? NO, I HAVE ALWAYS HATED PEANUT BUTTER AND YOU KNOW THAT!

Yeah I’m not paying rent, but I am paying for it psychologically.

2. Living at home with your parents and sleeping in a BUNK BED.
Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, the Bro got a new bed. His old bed has now been converted to join my current bed as one kiddie bed. So now every damn morning I’ll wake up and hit my forehead on the bed above me. Every night I will subconsciously feel the need to draw imaginary pictures on the board that faces me.
I will sleep in the lower bed and wonder if it really is that much better being on top.

3. The Movie ‘
Girl Next Door’
This will be tomorrow’s topic. There’s just so much to bitch about.

4. The amount of guys that get ‘whipped’ by their girlfriends
It’s so disgusting the gutless wonders that get stuck in the mall holding, shopping for pillowcases, and holding hands while doing so. A lot of people believe that men have all the power. If that were true, then guys wouldn’t have a reason to go to the mall. Femists are just women that can’t control their men. Like
Sam Cassell says,
“Some men run their house, and some men run around their house.” Referring to
Doug Christie, the most whipped man on the face of the Earth.

The rest of the week is as follows
Tuesday: The Girl Next Door rant
Wednesday: a review of Hog’s lying smearing website
Thursday: ??????
Friday: Football picks

The question with Hog’s platform is not if he is PRO-genocide, but what specific group will he plot to kill against?
Odds are as follows…

7-2 African American women
10-1 twenty-something Christian men
Daunte Culpepper supporters
25-1 paraplegic Spaniards
75-1 all women & children
300-1 Jewish mothers
1000-1 My entire family

We’ll see of course…

1 comment:

Hog said...

There comes a time in a man's life when he must admit he was wrong. My fellow Americans, that time has come for Hog. I admit that I was wrong on the Packer game pick. I could make excuses of why they lost, but it really boils down to the fact that there are more important issues than a stupid football game. As I stated before I made the pick, I hate the Packers and wish that Brett Favre would relapse into his old habit of popping pills and cheating on his wife. And nothing makes me happier than seeing the cry baby's head bounce off the turf like a super bouncy ball. I rejoice in experiences like those.
I may have been wrong on that pick, but hey, at least I don't live with Berg's mom and dad. Wouldn't you know, the sun is shining on my end now.
I will talk to all of you tomorrow and will have my site link up so the party can really start.

"When you can't trust an elephant or an ass, vote for a Hog"
Vote Hog/Skoy in November!