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Monday, October 25, 2004

Hamstrings, and Pesky's pole

(the answer my friend, is blowin’ in the wind, the answer is blowin in the wind)

Really? Maybe the damn wind can tell me how the hell Manny Ramirez got 22mil? Or why the hell the American League still has the DH?

Manny Ramirez is the type of player that I can’t stand. A player that is good at hitting and NOTHING else. We call those players, softball players because they are only good at swingin’ the bat and pumping the keg.
Watching this guy in left is SO damn painful! Watching this guy run is atrocious. The dude could’ve had a double if he weren’t pumpin’ his fist and paying attention!

Sadly enough, this guy may get voted into the Hall. Just like Piazza, whom is another ‘pretty boy’ who is one-dimensional. Don’t even try to tell me that having a hitting catcher is tough.
Yeah, touch if it’s a decent catcher!
Mike Piazza is just a glorified Matthew LeCroy.

What was cool about game 1 was Mark Bellhorn’s home run that hit Pesky’s pole in right field. The cameraman screwed up and didn’t follow the deep shot by Bellhorn. It’s cool because what we got was 30,000 fans all looking up, silent and still. Until,
(BANG!) And the crow jumps and cheers wildly! It was great!
A Classic baseball moment.

One with the crap list

1. My damn hamstring
So I go out and play football with a bunch of guys this Sunday. After stretching for a good 10 minutes, I pull my damn hamstring during the first play. Of course after that happens I instantly age 30 years because I can’t do a damn thing.

It hurts getting in and out of the car. It hurts after sitting or laying down a while and not moving. Worst of all, it hurts while takin’ a dump!
I’m sorry, it really does! Ya go through with the bizness, and you have to sit on top of the bum hamstring. I’m almost bawling my eyes out in the bathroom while trying to roll a deuce! It sucks hard man!

Now I'm gonna wake up tomorrow morning and have a hamstring that's as stiff as my Pesky pole.

2. One dimensional baseball players
yeah Manny, Piazza, Ortiz (although he’s been hitting the crap outta the ball), and any other designated hitter out there. It really cheapens the game, especially post season baseball. When Manny sucks at the plate, I’m a better baseball player than he is! Because I’d actually RUN or CATCH or BUNT. Not that Manny should bunt, which leads me to my next point.

3. Professional baseball players who can’t bunt.
It’s just the SADDEST site watching someone struggle to lay down a bunt. They pop it up to the 2nd baseman or they consistently bunt it foul. The worst ever is when they strike out bunting. These guys have been playing the game for ten years (at least) and they never took the time to PRACTICE BUNTING? Is it that bunting is ‘beyond them’?
I’m pretty sure that if I got paid $400,000 a year, I COULD LAY DOWN A GOD DAMN BUNT!

4. The Gophers
So the Gophers got the crap beat out of them against Michigan St. and that was after a Michigan collapse. This last weekend, the Gophers beat Illinois, 45-doughnut.

(clap:clap) OH, WAY-TO-GO-GUYS!

Maybe it’s my distaste for college football and that after you lose two (even one) game, you’re done as a team and as a season. So the Gophers beating the crap out of Illinois just seems like a preseason football game because I don’t care about the Sun Bowl.

Damn the Gophers piss me off!
Until tomorrow..

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