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Sunday, October 17, 2004

It comes down to this, Monday Night Football

(cuz your not ready baby, you got nothin’ on me)

God, I love that new song they have. It’s just that they seem like they’re fabricated by the industry. I’ll probably end up buying their album and get burned. I don’t know.

Not to mention, it doesn’t hurt that they’re hot. Damn women.

They do seem like bad ass beotches though.


On with the crap list.

1. People that put shyt on cars
You know those stupid ads where they want you to dance at the Technoid or some stupid dance place. Well, Hog has decided to use one of the most dirty tricks ever, the windshield ads. You may see one of these ads on your windshield pretty soon.

2. My Dad, being as annoying as possible
So, I’m watching the Vikings game, and my Dad is eating right over my shoulder. He’s eating like a damn gorilla! I can hear every breath, every lipsmack, and all the nostril flares. He’s always done this, but why can’t he eat something in-say, 10 minutes instead of the 10 seconds he hoards it down?
Then, it’s 10:30pm and my dad asks,
“What quarter is it in?” and this is after he’s been watching the game for 20 minutes! I hate to be a wise ass, but you just have to sometimes!
Then I turn it to baseball. It’s the 7th inning stretch and ‘God Bless America’ is being sung and my dad asks,
“When did they start doing that?”. OH I DON’T KNOW, ABOUT 3 YEARS AGO!

It’s just insane!

3. Having a program on one computer and not being able to transfer it.
I mean I could transfer it, but I’d have to buy more stuff, which I don’t want to do. It’s like you look at the computer you have the stuff on, and then you look at the other computer where you wish you had your stuff. It’s not like a word document, but a damn powerpoint document and it’s a little big.
Ugh, it’s just too damn frustrating. I just want to rip out my jugular.

4. Fantasy football and having players playing against the Vikes.
Or playing against some person on the Vikes. You watch the game and you want to Vikes to win, but (like in my case) you got to hope that Daunte constantly hands the ball off. Oh well, It’s pretty cool that Daunte had like 400yds and 5 TD’s, but damn, that’s like 20 damn points!
Damn hog.

Oh and for those who are wondering,
As of now…
The Deer: 81
Mighty Mallards 65 (I think…)
With Micheal Pittman and Jeff Wilkins left for Hog.
Time to start makin’ swass!

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