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Friday, October 08, 2004

Picks and Rants

(well ya hit the ball and touch ‘em all, a moment in the sun)

Yeah, after a good night of beating the crap out of my pillow, I think I got that stupid game out of my system.

But not without a little ranting.

Wednesday night’s game
-Radke in too damn long.
He just got a double hit off him in the 7th. Usually that’s when the manager says,
“Well, you suck! Let’s bring in the lefty.”
No, Gardy keeps him in and another run scores.

-12th inning Kubel up to bat with runners at 2nd and 3rd
I’m all for Kubel getting experience, but not now. The guy looked awful already and who cares about the righty/lefty match up. You’ve got a rookie playing an extra innings playoff game at Yankee stadium, put in someone that has played for over a month.

-12th inning, Nathan’s 3rd inning
I’m not against having Nathan starting the 12th, BUT AT LEAST GET SOMEONE WARMED UP IN THE PEN!!!!! Bunches of people in the know say that Gardy couldn’t put Crain in there because he’s only pitched for 27 innings all season. WELL YOU’VE HAD KUBEL IN ALL GAME AND HE HASN’T PLAYED MORE THAN A MONTH!!!!

I don’t think that Gardy should get fired, it’s just SO frustrating seeing Jeter pump his annoying fist. All we needed was a couple strikes!!!
That’s why baseball playoffs are the best!

When the game went into the 11th I was trying to think of the last time the Yankees lost a game in extra sets.
I couldn’t!

God damn Yankee mystique.

Depending on the weekend outcome of the series, I may have a twins related crap list on Monday.

Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that.

And about the ‘Dr. Z’ bit that Hog used last week…
Dr. Z costs money now and not to mention that I don’t believe he’s ever given scores.

Just feel privileged that I’m giving these bad boys away for free!

Cleveland at Pittsburgh,
Man, I don’t know. Last weeks picks sucked for me and I’m temped to go against my gut all week this week. However my gut picks the Steelers based on the fact that they have their first team out there.
Browns 21 Steelers 20 (I’m going against my gut)

Miami at New England, 1:00 pm
Why should they even play the game? The Dolphins may be playing off their emotions knowing that Ricky Williams wants to come back. Ricky Williams is weak man!
Patriots 31 Miami 0

N.Y. Giants at Dallas, 1:00 pm
The Giants could have Priest Holmes, Donavon McNabb, and Ray Lewis and I’d still consider them to be mediocre. I haven’t looked at the Giants as being dominant since the early 90’s. Dallas is almost the same way.
Cowboys 24 Giants 21

Tampa Bay at New Orleans, 1:00 pm
I don’t think Tampa can play a decent game at New Orleans. The Saints will rebound with another All-Pro performance by Aaron Stecker.
Stecker 28 Bucs 13

Jacksonville at San Diego, 4:05 pm
These are probably the two most surprising teams of this year. From suckville to uh… sweetville or something. This should be the game on tv, but we probably get the crappin Arizona @ San Fran game. Dammit!
Jags 31 San Diego 24

Carolina at Denver, 4:15 pm
This could be a game of all field goals. Although I heard that Stephen Davis may come back. Man, Carolina’s been suckin this year!
Broncos 13 Panthers 10

Detroit at Atlanta, 1:00 pm
This sounds like a cool game, but I’m thinking Atlanta will kick the crap out of the Lions. Atlanta needs at least ONE good team. The Braves are not that team.
Falcons 28 Detroit 13

Oakland at Indianapolis, 1:00 pm
Man how old is Gannon? I remember him playing for the vikes in the early 90’s! hehe He was in a quarterback controversy with Sean Salisbury. Pfff the next year we got Jim McMahon. Wow what crappy times!
Colts 35 Raiders 28

Buffalo at N.Y. Jets, 4:05 pm
Man, I almost got my upset special right last week. Too bad Bledsoe sucks ass. God that was a sorry ass fumble he had last week. Why do quarterbacks look so stupid sometimes?
Jets 31 Bills 24

Arizona at San Francisco, 4:15 pm
God, another crapfest. I guess Denny Green will get another win and dedicate it to his ‘system’. Apparently his ‘system’ told Cunningham to take a knee in ’98 eh. What a system!
Cards 21 49ers 14

St. Louis at Seattle, 4:15 pm
What the hell is up with that Seattle defense? They’ve only given up like 20 points or something totally ridiculous like that? This defense is acting like the polar opposite of the Chiefs. And that means that it’s a good defense. And by good I mean groin grabbingly good…you know, if that’s how you celebrate a great defense.
Seahawks 31 Rams 24

Baltimore at Washington, 8:30 pm
Why is Baltimore constantly on primetime? Does Ray Lewis command that sort of audience? Does Brian Billick swearing really make the Disney execs want to change their pants? I thought these guys already played. Oh wait, that was church, nevermind
Redskins 24 Ravens 17

Tennessee at Green Bay, 9:00 pm
Hog, waduya think? Can Green Bay lose a THIRD straight game at Lambeau? ON MONDAY NIGHT no less? Does Green Bay suck this bad or was it just a bad string of luck? Nah, I don’t have the guts to do it. Farve sells his soul for this win
Packers 35 Titans 21

Minnesota at Houston, 1:00 pm
As much of a homer that I am, I don’t think I can pick the Vikes for this one. This is the classic game the Vikes always lose. Not to mention that they’re going to have Mowelde Moore running the ball for them! YUCK! Maybe, just maybe the vikes will rely on their passing game this time and I’m not just talking about the lateral passes to Moss. I’m thinking maybe… THE LONG BOMB? Nah, that’s too complicated.

Prove me wrong guys!
Texans 21 Vikings 17

Last week (7-7) ultimately 32-26 (near perfect!)

I’m goin to Iowa for the weekend, hope I make it out alive!

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