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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Satan's rockin' ass

(I put a spell on you because you’re mine)

How ‘bout them Red Sox! I (like almost everyone else) thought they were as dead as the Mighty Mallards a couple days ago, but they actually have won three in a row to TIE THE SERIES!

Yeah, I’m a Twins fan, and I also consider myself to be a baseball purist, but I really want the Sox to win it! I just hate the Yankees so much that I have to root for the team with fans that hate the Yankees even more so.

The Vikings have been in a similar situation (though not through 80years) and they haven’t EVER won a Super Bowl.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m really starting to develop a strong hatred for Babe Ruth. Now that’s going a little too far for (in my opinion) the GREATEST player ever and it isn’t even close.

The fatass was not only a great hitter, but he was a pitcher before he went to the Yankees. For some reason the Yankee management figured out that not only could a fat ass put his weight into velocity, but could also put his weight into his swing.

F*cking ingenious!

Other thoughts.

-Isn’t is just a little disgusting knowing that the Red Sox have the two first basemen the Twins had two years ago? I believe at the time the Twins didn’t want Ortiz playing because he wasn’t hitting as well as Mietkiewich.

Kinda makes you want to throw up if you’re a Twins fan. Although we do have Morneau, Ortiz does look a little better now as a Twins player.

-I just used a toaster oven for the first time ever! Wow what an invention! It only took 10 minutes to make my pizza! I’m doing some extensive research on applying a toaster oven in my campaign.

-It seems that all girls now a days look the exact same. They all are brunettes (which is good) and they all have blond highlights (I don’t care about). Do guys actually care about highlights? I don’t think so.

-I was thinking last night. Lets say Satan comes up from Hell and decides to take the form of a hot-ass woman. Satan meets a guy and they flirt. He takes Satan back to his place and they start the foreplay. Satan then says, if you do ‘what you want to do’ then the world will end. Sounds like common sense to women. Guys how ever will ACTUALLY think about it if not for one second. I know I would!

Lets all hope that Satan doesn’t come outta Hell in the form of a hot ass woman!

And that she doesn’t have a rockin’ ass to bout.

Til tomorrow

1 comment:

Hog said...

My Mallards may have suffered a crushing blow, not only physically, but also mentally. I'm not going to lie folks, it hurts, it hurts bad. You cut me deep Berg, you cut me real deep.
Ok enough of the crying for there are sunny days ahead. Your "wildcards" on Sunday were no surprise to me, my resources and scouts knew they were going to be there. You seen what I did you your new consituant Berg. I fell on him and he went squish, just like my Mallards.....hey wait a minute. It also looks like I picked up another vote along the way as well. So it looks like I'm right back in the running. My voter base keeps growing Berg, and in two weeks you will find out just how many there are. Good luck, cause you're going to need it.