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Friday, October 01, 2004

Stupid-ass blogs!

(And I’m proud to be an American ‘cuz at least I know I’m free…)

Ever since 5th grade I have always disliked that damn song. Everyday instead of saying the pledge of allegiance, we’d just play this dense Lee Greenwood song. Lee Greenwood is NOT the way to start your day.

Can anyone name another song by this guy? If you can, you’re a loser.

I was looking through the other blogs on and I must say, 95% of all the blogs suck ass!

Go ahead and click that button on the top-right portion of the page to see what the next page is and then come back here.

See, you probably stumbled upon someone’s stupid poem about ‘autumn leaves hitting the brow of my cat’.

And then there’s some people that use blogger as an ejournal. Bunch of Doogie Houser wannabies. I bet they even talk to themselves out loud while they’re submitting.

“Dear Internet super highway, today I met Carl and he didn’t say much to me. Oh gee willlikers and then Jenny made a dirty look at me! I don’t think I’m going to be friends with Jenny anymore. I heard the best song today, it’s something like ‘This one’s for the Girls’. I think that Hog is a stupid flip-flopper.“

Thoroughly stupid!

Last week I killed in my picks. I went 9-3 cuz I forgot to predict the Monday Night crapfest.

My picks are cocaine tuff!
My current record is 25-19

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh
I don’t care the Bengals still suck. Pittsburgh has shown that they can win, but you should when you play Oakland and Miami. Especially Miami. Rudi Johnson will actually do all right for once, but Cincinnati sucks.
Steelers 27 Bengals 17

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville
Jacksonville’s defense is awesome, but to cover three legit wideouts? Unless this game is another Florida monsoon, Indianapolis will find a way to beat the Jags, but it will be real close!
Colts 21 Jaguars 10

Oakland @ Houston
The official ‘I don’t give a damn’ game
Raiders 28 Texans 21

New England @ Buffalo
This one has all the makings. The Patriots need a game that will bring them back to Earth. They have won like 30 games in a row coming into this game, a division rival on the road. Yup, I’m going to have to do it, Buffalo finds a way to win.
Bills 17 Pats 13

Philadelphia @ Chicago
Chicago’s secondary is banged up. I think that Thomas Jones will make it close though. Terrell Owens will get a couple touchdowns and will c*ck off to the Chicago fans. The real prediction is how? I believe that Owens will knock over a Bears cheerleader, sign her breast, and proceed to the eagle flap.
Eagles 31 Bears 28

Washington @ Cleveland
I don’t think Cleveland has a chance in this game. Maybe if everyone weren’t injured they would win. I think this game will be close nonetheless.
Redskins 13 Cleveland 6

NY Giants @ Green Bay
As a devout Packer hater, I think that the Kurt Warner will be able to shred the Packer defense. As a result, domestic abuse in Wisconsin will increase by 40%. Sad, isn’t it. See, that stat wouldn’t be so bad if it was the Patriots, but it’s the losers, Packers that have it.
Giants 24 Packers 14

Atlanta @ Carolina
This is a hard game to predict because of Mike Vick. If he plays a normal game and doesn’t run, he’ll lose…by a lot. If he does end up finding holes to run, then Carolina’s in trouble. It’s really a toss up!
Carolina 24 Falcons 17

New Orleans @ Arizona
My opponent, Hog wanted Aaron Stecker for his fantasy football team before hearing that I snatched him up. Because of that, I believe Stecker will have a career type game of 300 yards rushing, 70 yards receiving, and 300 yards passing for a complete ass kicking of Denny’s team. Denny Green will have a big breakfast.
Stecker 28 Cards 10

NY Jets @ Miami
At this point Miami should take that money from Ricky Williams and hold a fan DEpreciation day centered on Williams. Jay Fiedler is starting, but it’s still the Dolphins.
Jets 35 Miami 13

Tennessee @ San Diego
McNair picked a decent week to sit or play injured. Nice weather too.
Titans 17 Chargers 7
Denver @ Tampa Bay
Tampa doesn’t have the defense anymore and Denver does. If it were two years ago, this would be a marquee match up, but it’s not. So Denver wins in a blowout.
Broncos 41 Bucs 20

St. Louis @ San Francisco
I really can’t see the Rams winning this at all. The media love-gushing team of a couple years ago is now gone and their offense is as old as last years Raiders. 49ers win for some reason
49ers 27 Rams 21

Kansas City @ Baltimore
ABC really picked another craptacular game to end the week with eh? Baltimore’s got this covered because the Chiefs suck ass at defense. The Chiefs defense should cheat as much as they can because that is the only shot.
Ravens 28 Chiefs 20

Yeah I bet I’ll go 14-0 this week.
I’m just that good.

If nothing else, I do hope I’m right about Aaron Stecker though. After all, he IS playing the Cards.

and if he does,
Hog, you can kiss my bleading white ass!

Good weekends all around…


Hog said...

I think you're crazy if you think the Packers are going to lose at home again. I'm as anti-Packer as they come, but if really wanted to be Dr. Z then you'd quit living in this dream world that you are living in. And how much free time do you actually have.......? Peace out.

Boof said...

jelousy... pure jelousy.

Tell ya what, next year, you can have Stecker.

Hog said...

Who needs Stecker when you have Jeff Garcia??

Now look who's jelous.

October 5 is coming Berg, be afraid, be very afraid.

Hog/Skoy in '04