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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


(If the sky can crack, there must be some way back)

How ‘bout those Red Sox!!!!!!!!!!

I just want all those annoying Yankee pimps; Billy Crystal, Rudi Giuliani, Robin Williams, Adam Sandler, George Steinbrenner, Brian Cashman, Donald Trump, and all those other annoying fans to sit in a room and have a gigantic crying session.
I want them all to think about how pathetic it is to be up three games to NONE and lose the series with
Derek Jeter
Alex Rodriguez
Gary Sheffield
Hideki Matsui

And all the others in that lineup!

I’m thinking about creating some toilet paper and calling it,
Yankee Mystique.

Take that NEW YORK!!! Now you can talk about the Bronx collapse for the next week!

God, it feels good! I never thought I’d ever root for a team as much as I am rooting for the Red Sox.

God, it’s freakin’ amazing that they came back. NO OTHER TEAM IN HISTORY HAS DONE THAT!!!!

Now I dont want to see those stupid Mastercard commercials with the "...priceless" bit on it. That's one of those stupid jokes that never seem to go away. Like the 'Git R Done' bit, everyone thinks thier a comedian.

It's old people, try and use some creativity.

Now this Saturday we’ll be treated with a World Series game in Fenway Park. Oh man, I got my Saturday night planned already!

Just that, hypothetically, lets say the Red Sox do it (win the World Series). Suddenly terrorism would NOT be the most threatening issue but rather, those crazy Boston fans! I believe the Bostonians would first burn down Boston and meander their way to New York and try to burn that down too.

Seriously though, what is Boston going to be like these next 10 days?


Picks tomorrow

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