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Friday, October 29, 2004

There will be a tie in week 8!

(freezin’ rests his head on a pillow made of concrete)

I haven’t heard from any major news stations yet, but they’ll be coming. Probably this weekend to ask me how my campaign is going and my keys to victory.

I can only assume that each news station thinks their competitor is currently taking my time and simply don’t bother calling.

The same probably goes for Hog’s campaign as well.

[closed circuit to Hog: Sean says your site SUCKS.]

Man what a complete crappy day!
Great day to kill yourself or do end the world on—speaking of which,

As of Wednesday night at 11:30pm, I am no longer a Red Sox fan.

They won it, (incredible) but if they win another next year, I’ll be pissed!
Which will probably happen.

That, or they go on a huge fire sale and try to unload EVERYONE like some world series teams do.

Just that they wont be able to get rid of Manny, they tried that and no one took him.


Last week I went…. Well first off, Who could predict that Miami, Arizona, Cincinnati, and Jacksonville against the Colts; would all win? That’s right, NO ONE! So my record wasn’t all that bad last week at (6-8)
Bringin the overall to (52-48)
Awww HELL NO!!!!!

That’s just pathetic…

Baltimore @ Philadelphia
As ‘The Hannes’ said before, the Baltimore defense reminds me of a prison gangbang! The Eagles are so good that they can withstand such a ‘bang.
Eagles 34 Ravens 17

Green Bay @ Washington
There’s some sort of a historic stat that whenever the Redskins win before the election, the incumbent party wins. Therefore, they both will end in a tie for I will be the next President. Ah, I don’t know how to predict this one without trying to predict the next president. I’m going to be accurate So,
Green Bay 30 Redskins 30

Jacksonville @ Houston
This is an interesting matchup, uh, and that’s all I have to say about that.

Jaguars 27 Texans 20

Arizona @ Buffalo
I’m sold on Denny. The guy can coach the regular season as good as anyone. The playoffs are a different story. “Say, lets just take a friken knee.” Funny that the football Cardinals has already won more games this week than the baseball Cardinals (going back to last Sunday)
Cards 24 Bills 16

Detroit @ Dallas
What the hell is up with this stupid, annoying Detroit team? Are they good or what? They win by a lot and then they lose by a lot! I don’t know…
Detroit 57 Dallas 4

Cincinnati @ Tennessee
Man, Tennessee should get T.J. Rubely for a quarterback. He was stellar with the Packers as a third string in the 90’s. Him or Dave Craig.
Bengals 17 Titans 10

Indianapolis @ Kansas City
What the hell was that last weekend in KC? It was like video game football how they just run the ball in for 8 touchdowns. It doesn’t even sound plausible, 8 touchdowns. A backup running back got 4 touchdowns and wasn’t even the main ball carrier!
Colts 45 Chiefs 37

Atlanta @ Denver
Why is it that whoever is the most marketable player in a league, never lives up to their potential. Vince Carter comes to mind and Jason Williams is another. Actually Vick can keep doing what he’s doing as long as he runs the ball. That’s all I care about as a fantasy football owner.

And may I end with... (Quentin Griffen) god damn Denver.
Falcons 28 Broncos 27

Carolina @ Seattle
Pfff Hell, if I know! Seattle is a team that lost to the Cardinals! And Carolina…. Gawd!
Seahawks 27 Panthers 13

New England @ Pittsburgh
Now THIS is the game! I have GOT to see this game.

---this just in----
‘The Deer’ are now in 5th place in a ten-team league. Maybe I haven’t given up yet.
Not that anyone cares, but it’s my damn blog, I’LL WRITE WHATEVER I WANT!
Pittsburgh 34 New England 24

Oakland @ San Diego
I’m totally in a San Diego mood. Yeah, San Dan go!

Chargers 28 Raiders 21

San Francisco @ Chicago
WHAT in the hell were the powers that be thinking about when they scheduled this one? Hey, this is the year for the Bears and 49ers, lets put them on in primetime!
What-the hell-ever
49ers 6 Bears 4

Miami @ NY Jets
Yeah, the Jets played the Pats pretty well last week. Other than that game, the Jets have played NOBODY!!!! They had about as easy a schedule as uh…. A team that plays an easy schedule. It really doesn’t get any harder either. I think Miami may be on a roll!
Dolphins 17 Jets 13

NY Giants @ Minnesota
The last four times these guys have played, I have predicted thorough Viking pummelings. Unfortunately, only one of them resulted in a win (I think)
Vikings 41 Giants 0 (HA!)

Now, on to some GTA… for 40 hours
Good weekends yall

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Hog said...

[closed circuit to your mother: who is Sean and why do I need to care what he thinks?]
I'm going to win the damn election that's all anyone needs to know. Ka-Kow! Wednesday will be a glorious day. Vote Pork!