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Monday, October 18, 2004

You go squish now!

(A distant ship’s smoke on the horizon, you are only coming though in waves)

Down by two points, under two minutes to go. Jeff Wilkins lines up for the insurance field goal.

Kick is up, and it is…. NO GOOD!

End result (I think)
Mighty Mallards 79
The Deer 81

I knew it was going to be a total pummeling. I would just like to thank my worthless receivers whom couldn’t catch standing bare-ass naked in a barn, in the middle of winter.

Whatever, it came down to who wanted it more.
The Deer gave it 110%
The Mighty Mallards were just out-coached
They’re a work in progress

Anywho, my season is now pretty much over and I stop caring in T-minus…NOW

I would like to talk about a couple movies I have recently seen on cable and video.

Shawshank Redemption: Ever notice that Dufrain doesn’t have a beer with the guys on the roof?
My theory is that it was because it was at 10 freakin’ AM! Bob Barker is on at that time! Drinking at 10am is such a Sodak, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nodak thing to do. Only in Sodak will people wake up at 6am (after passing out for 4 hours) and continue bongin’ beers.

Jerry Mcquire
Ok, so Cuba Gooding Jr. is the star wide receiver. And Tom Cruise is his agent. Notice that Cuba is just a couple inches taller than Cruise. In real life, Cruise is a little taller than a midget, which means that Gooding is the shortest wide receiver of all time. I mean Renee Zelwiger can’t be that tall and Cruise is about the same height.

Ever notice that when Reese and Sarah are running away from the Terminator, Reese gives her a gun and says something like,
“Here, for protection”.
And, may I ask, WTF is that going to do? You might as well grab a handful of M&M’s and try to aim for the eye.
The dude’s made of metal! What is a damn handgun going to do? Finally, they realize ya gotta blow up the dude and then squish it. Kinda like a Mallard.

Ha ha sorry, sorry,I couldn’t resist.

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