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Friday, November 19, 2004

Aussie Pink Floyd and football picks...and I'm tired

(There is no pain, you are receding, A distant ship's smoke on the horizon)

Man, just saw the Australian Pink Floyd tonight… DAMN! Talk about great guitarists, they had these two Aussies that just kicked a thorough ass coving that fret board.

They had it all right too. They didn't just go along with patching up a string of greatest hits and fill two hours of lights either.

They started out playing the whole Dark Side of the Moon album from the beginning montage to the closing heartbeats. It's not until you witness this album being performed that you realize how much of a complete album Dark Side is. Like The Wall, Dark Side has it's cast of characters (musicians though). There's the typical band set: 2 guitarists, a bass player, drums, and a singer. Then there's the backup female musicians (by the way, Great Gig in the Sky was excellent!), and the 'club tie' wearing saxophonist.
For a cover band, they are definitely worth the price of admission.

So, I'm outside of the Orpheum and just hangin' out with my buds when I get caught up in a conversation with these 'Floyd rubes'. I'm talking about Roger Waters and Nick Mason's new book when I suddenly realized that I was shooting my Pink Floyd wad of knowledge. (Damn typing that last sentence makes me want to puke). It's hard to find genuine Pink Floyd fans. I'm talking about the fans that are not druggies, but people that purely like the music. There are so many people that just don't understand the Floyd saying how much of a drugged up band they are. That's a god damn myth started by the ignorant. If you want some f*cked up drugged out bands, look no further than Fleetwood Mac. Yeah they didn't have any hard rock power cock rock or anything, but anytime you have (more or less) two married couple getting divorces WHILE recording Rumours, it's about as f'd up as it gets. Oh and there were numerous amounts of cocaine around the Mac too. Just look at Mick Fleetwood, the dude ranks up there with Moon and Bonham!

It's hard enough to find Pink Floyd fans let alone fans of; Cowboy Junkies, Pearl Jam, Sarah Mclachlan, and Bryan Adams (pause: for all the 'pointing and laughing')

Might I add, fuck you for that pointing and laughing


Last week, let me tell you about last week…
I went… hmmm oh about 10-3 last week. I know, I know. I probably made all three of you millionaires, but it's just me contributing to charity

Overall I'm 76-64 (WAY over .500)

Denver @ New Orleans
Did ya catch last weeks picks? I would rip the winning team a 'new one'. It seemed to work, but I'm way too tired to start bitching. Denver has to play in a dome, therefore Denver will suck it up. Reuban Droughns will end up breaking his shoulder bone. I've relegated to predicting injuries now.
New Orleans 31 Denver 20

San Francisco @ Tampa Bay
Do I really have to predict this one? I'm going to roll the dice for this one.


I mean,
Bucs 24 49ers 21

Arizona @ Carolina
Like I said last week, I'm really on the Cardinals bandwagon. Could it be that Denny Green knocks the Vikings out of the playoffs this year? Based on some of Tice's moves, it's almost a guarantee!
Cards 27 Panthers 17

Tennessee @ Jacksonville
Man, Steve McNair always seems to be injured. This guy was one yard short of becoming the next Micheal Vick. Or wait, that doesn't make any sence. Michael Vick is living the life of a potential Steve McNair (if he had completed another yard in that one superbowl that Jesus helped Kurt Warner and his wife get. uh… and also if he wasn't so injured all the damn time)
Jaguars 20 Titans 6

Dallas @ Baltimore
Vinny is really damn old. The bid tuna, and isn't that one of the worst nicknames ever, will probably lose another one this week.
Ravens 25 Cowboys 10

St. Louis @ Buffalo
Mike Martz was offered the Miami job? And he didn't take it? Mike, if you are offered a job, take it!
Bills 13 Rams 10

Indianapolis @ Chicago
Since Marvin Harrison laid a freakin' egg for me last week, he better god damn well get at least a 100yd 2 touchdown game this week. If not, and Stokley gets all the receptions, I'm calling Dungy a damn racist

Colts 41 Bears 17

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati
Tommy Maddox is the most screwed athlete I can think of. Dan Reeves was going to bench Elway instead of Maddox back in the day. So finally he has a good year and is deemed the starting quarterback. Well he suffers an injury and in comes Rothlesberger. What next Tommy? Backup for Peyton Manning?
Steelers 21 Bengals 20

NY Jets @ Cleveland
Jets are overrated. Cleveland has had a tough schedule to deal with. Whoever wins this game is for real. Whatever that means
Browns 20 Jets 10

San Diego @ Oakland
Chargers 17 Raiders 13

Miami @ Seattle
Martz didn't take the Miami job? Nevermind the whole 'changing jobs in mid season' deal, but damn the weather is nice. Ah well, it's not like he had anything for players in Miami anyway.
Seahawks 37 Miami 21

Awww hell, I'm too tired!

Atlanta wins
Philly wins again
Houston wins (based on spite)
Then the chiefs sqeak one out for my big upset of the week

Vikings beat the hell outta the Lions too.

Next week I will have a crap list, a intelligent discussion about spite, more babe ranking, and football picks

Good weekends all around

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