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Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Best Birthday Ever!

(Those times I waited for you seem so long ago, I waited far too much to let you go)

The 2004 round of birthdays are over for the year.

Story time,

Gather 'round everyone
I believe it was the 12th birthday in 1991. The Twins were losing in the most forgetful game of the ’91 World Series, The dude’s kid was in its first trimester, and Nintendo was just getting big.

On top of the wave of Nintendo was me, I was a complete Nintendo freak/nerd. I would dream of just playing all those video games and try and try for endless hours just to see if there was an actual end to Mario Bros.
--Basically I would behold the dream of now, downloading an emulator and playing ANY game I want, including those funky ass Japanese ones.--

That day, I received the best birthday present ever, and it isn’t even close. I saw a petite, tightly wrapped present lain in front of me, I knew it was a game.

For my whole life, I have always received about 15% or what toys/gifts I would ask for. I have never understood or practiced the art of ‘getting what you ask for’ because it’s just too predictable. Not to mention, I BARELY got what I asked for unless it was physical punishment.

Everywhere my friends would be like,
“Well I’m getting a pound puppy for my B-day.”
“How do YOU know?”
“Because I asked for it”.

That was unbelievable to me.

Then again, I did circle just about everything in the Sears catalogue except clothes.

Nah this particular year I asked for one major thing, The Legend of Zelda. The nights before that birthday were restless, headache filled, and SLOW. I forgot all about the Denver Broncos sweat suit that I requested. *I was a pretty big fan of John Elway and those badass orange jerseys…uh and sweatpants.

So I blew out the candles, opened all the stupid clothes, and salivated at this interesting box.
---Try using that as a pickup line--

I opened the gift and…. Oh man!


I nearly spontaneously combusted. I gently cut opened the shrink-wrap and basked in the aura of this gold plated game.
The site was breathless. I almost felt ashamed of cutting the shrink-wrap.

After I tried on my Broncos sweat suit, which my parents forced me to try on, I placed the game in the console and absorbed the best video game opening (to this day).
The music, the story, the graphics, and the weapons; it all was enough to make me want to drop out of school completely.

I had to wake up at 3am that night just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming this scenario.

Ever since then, birthdays haven’t lived up to that special day. As you get older, the more expensive things you request and the more worthless cards seem.

Talk about a waste of paper, bday cards or any of those stupid hallmark, shoebox-epitaph-cards.

Now we just sing “Happy Bday”, eat our DQ cake, and say “oooohhh a card from Aunt/Uncle ___” a lot.

Ah well, that’s what memories are for.
Shytty picks tomorrow

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Hog said...

Man, that was touching.