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Thursday, November 04, 2004

the Concession Speech

(call ‘em your masters of war, you then build all the guns, you build the death planes, you build all the bombs)

Ladies and Gentleman, my concession speech.

Fuck you!

(The End)

Hog, may have a ‘secure’ site, but I’m willing to bet that he voted for himself just about every time he came to his page.

But whatever, that’s all right.

Although I am disappointed in the outcome (Bush winning), at least it’s all over. All the stupid bickering and politics is over until another 3.5 years.

It does amaze me that the Dems had 4 damn years to come up with a candidate and Kerry was apparently it? My left nut could’ve got more votes than any of these guys. Even though there was a record turnout doesn’t mean that these candidates were the best.

What does that say about the Dem dudes that lost to Kerry? The Deans and Gephardts of the world?

Damn, completely nuts!

I do have my GTA to fall back on and the Packers losing every Sunday.

Damn it.

So no more yard signs, no more libs this- conserves that, no more of those nerdy political supporters that jump up and down and are SOOOO excited for their stupid candidate.

We can now, finally talk to one another without having to mention politics. We don’t have to see Kerry in a sorry ass deer hunters’ costume, pretending to hunt.

We don’t have to hear about bush raising hundreds of millions of dollars that DOESN’T go to charity, but the campaign (the Dems are guilty of that too)

All that money could’ve been spent on what they preached about. Reducing the cost of health care, investing into cancer research, or more innovative ways not to use gasoline.

Awww hell Picks tomorrow.

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