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Monday, November 01, 2004

The Deer is/are Back!!!

(well, come on everybody we’re gonna have a party tonight)

Hopefully not on a Monday night. Although the Dolphins are playing and there is probably nothing better to do than to play GTA San Andreas or to work….pfff

Once again my picks sucked a fat one, but that’s ok. My Deer is/are BACK!!!

78 points with one dude sitting out! Yeah, that’s how it’s done.

Pretty pathetic eh?

Crizap list

1. The Halloween of now
Since when did Halloween turn into an adult sex-fest gang-bang party and not about the little Jimmys and Bobbys dressing up and getting candy? Parents are all worried about little Billy trick-or-treating in the dark! What the hell!? What is the Dad doing? He’s the guy that has to act like a dud, that the 50-year-old Bob Barker wannabie doesn’t show the kids anything nasty.

I remember trick or treating in 15 inches of snow wearing a vampire costume complete with snow boots during the snowstorm of the decade! I wasn’t going to let a 20+ inch snowstorm faze me, I was going to get candy! I was going to take full advantage of living in Suburbia. Parent’s worried about their kid being scared or out too late…. Pfff god damn parents, get a friken grip!

2. Parents just not getting it.
I try to catch a glimps of what Jillian Barbarie is wearing, (hoping that she decided to go with tight-ass pants) when; on one tv my dad is watching NASCAR and my mom watching British comedy on the other.
Of all the things to watch on a Sunday at 11:30am, why the two most boring shows ever? Of course me mommy is sleeping when I grab the remote, she wakes up and says,
“HEY, I’m watching that you turd!” damn!
Man, I need my own hizzy.

3. The Gophers
Mason, your team sucks! You guys are totally going to lose to Iowa and Wisconsin AND not go to a bowl. Even if you guys do manage to squeak into the bowl, do you really think anyone will show up?

We haven’t beat Indiana in a decade! No its not Wisconsin, not Iowa, not Ohio State but INDI-FREAKIN-ANA!

4. Sitting at BWIII’s and not only having six tv’s to look at, but like 6 hot waitresses.
Now THAT’S hard (pardon the pun). Senses were definitely working overtime with that fiasco yesterday. The Play-by-Play for my eyes were as follows
:01.7sec: ASS
:01.9sec: ASS #2
:08.3 : Min/NYG game
:11.5 : ASS
30.8: Min/NYG
35.0 : ASS 1
40.0: ASS 2 (with ASS 1 in the corner of my eye)
45.0: New costomer ASS
50.0: Five sweet ASSES
50-10mins: blackout

I’m definitely an assman. One of the few white ones, I know.

5. Music awards show.
Does anyone realize how worthless ALL these shows are? Talk about a subjective topic, how worthless does the ‘NEWEST MUSICAL ACT” get? Milli Vanilli, Joan Osborn (I think). How much would it ruin reputations of music bands if say, Pink Floyd got a Grammy in the ‘best new rock act’ of the sixties, or if The Clash got the same early in their career?
Whoa, that’s really being anti-authoritative and edgy!
Who actually cares who gets a Grammy or not? Why do the ‘artists’ even show up?


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