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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Dont mean to brag, but I'm a genious!

(Once apon a time I could lose myself, Once apon a time I could love myself)

Those were the days eh? When I could love myself…

WHAT?!? Oh sorry, I was daydreaming…

I am here today to pimp another fellow blogger, Hannes Chang who runs, The Hannes.

Like me, Hannes is a great football mind. The slice just lost his first fantasy football game of the year and now he’s seeking bloody revenge.

On his site, Hannes topics are a tad bit more intellectual than my site has to offer with his revelation about the Raven’s gangbanger defense and his idea of making a beverage tray for his computer that would have a built-in resevoir to hold any liquid that manages to be spilt.

(clap: clap) BRILLIANT!

With his Brains and my…. Uh sweet ass pen, we can take over Nunavut! If not, the local Hardees will have to do. Actually there really aren’t any Hardees around here—Damn, we lost the battle already. Ah, but the war lives on!

Rewind the tape about 5 weeks ago, I was frustrated, stressed, and pissed off that my players weren’t contributing for the greater good of The Deer.

Like Jim Fassel from 2000, The Deer will make the playoffs in our league.

Pretty bold eh? Yeah I’m pretty sure I’m going to take my Deer into the promise land!

I know I’m being rather cocky about this and that the whole topic of fantasy football is a little pathetic, but I don’t care.

I gotta milk my winning streak for all that it’s worth! I made it well known at the local football-viewing restaurant that Adam Vinatieri threw a touchdown pass.

I mean, how great of a kicker is one that throws a touchdown pass?

A better, easier question is, how F’in brilliant is the ‘coach’ that drafted that kicker?

But I wont take all the credit for The Deer, if it weren’t for the players (that I drafted), I wouldn’t be in this situation.

That, by the way was my best Glen Mason impersonation.

Nah, I’m pretty sure in a couple weeks (not this next one though) I’ll be back to my losing ways.

This week, by the way, I’m playing the oober-loser, Hog, (whom I already annihilated)

Hehehe what a loser.

Until tomorrow

1 comment:

Hog said...

I have to play you again?! This time my bunch of "losers" will prevail......oh who am I kidding, I'll probably lose after you Quarterback kicks a field goal or some stupid crap. I can't find a way to win, but I have a feeling that my Mallards will also make it to the promise land. GOOO MAALLLAARRDDSS!!!