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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Gravy over everything!

(Night after night, going ‘round and ‘round my brain, this dream, is driving me insane)

-Remember how I was tellin’ you about that nice big wad of spit that landed on my car?
Well I warshed it today and…(sigh) it’s still there.

-I just spent like $150 bucks at Best Buy today. I blame it all on that drug they encourage you to buy.

You would be amazed at how many guys fall for that. What’s worse is that I knew this was going to happen.

I have always mulled around Best Buy (a lot of times because I was bored) and debated on purchasing movies, DVD’s, SACD’s, minidiscs, The stupid free cd that always comes with the new release, and a 20oz of Coke. I’ve always held back on purchasing that stuff because I just don’t need it.

Now that I have this god damn fucking card, it tips the scales enough so I buy every damn thing I contemplate. Today I almost needed a shopping cart!

-I bought like 4 cd’s today as well. Like I’m ever going to have time to listen to them

-Since no one surfs the Internet on a week like this I feel that I can write whatever the hell I want. Not that anything ever stops me all the other times.

For instance, I’ve noticed that more people cum to this site if I use the words,

Pussy willow
corn on the cob

Not that anyone will find any of these in this entry, it’s just nice to con people a little bit

-Most people are taking Thursday and Friday off, but not me man. Rest assured that Bergblog will be bloggin’ your ass off until Friday.
I just keep on truckin because I know there are probably more bored people after the feast and they need something to read. Not to mention, it gives me an excuse to leave the relatives for a little while.

-Thanksgiving picks (before I forget)

(10-6) last week Not to mention I almost predicted that Dallas/Baltimore score and I was damn close on the Colts/Bears game. I applauded myself for that!
(86-70) overall

alright, who’s playing…..

get the crappy game outta the way
Chicago @ Dallas
I’ll probably be typing up my entry while this stupid game is going on. Although, when I think about it, it could be a really good defensive game. Too bad no one gives a damn about either team
Cowboys 16 Bears 6

Indianapolis @ Detroit
I can feel it, Marvin will finally have a monster week! I don’t want stupid ass Reggie Wayne to get anything. No silly white dudes (Stokley,Clark)taking all the completions, and especially not stupid-ass Marcus Pollard to ruin it for me (like last week). Edge James can then ‘suck it’.
Hell, just put Marvin as running back. Let Marvin pass the ball to himself. Give Vanderzynski (or whatever the hell his name is) the night off and let Marvin do the kicking.
Colts 49 Lions 27

-I still haven’t decided what I’m going to eat first on Thursday mashed potatoes, rolls, green bean casserole (or is it hot dish?), or the stuffing. It’s going to come down to a game time decision.
My money is on the rolls though. Just a hint.
I know one thing is certain, GRAVY OVER EVERYTHING!!!!

It makes everything better…EVERYTHING!

-This Thursday I will once again have a special Thanksgiving ‘babes’ section I will add. Any requests will be most helpful


FreckledSkin said...

Damn them @ Best Buy! I got suckered into the Blockbuster rewards card. I have yet to get my money's worth out of it. Bastards. I njoy ur blog btw. it makes me laugh.

Hog said...

Berg you have fans! Wierd shit. I think you should hit up the category of TV Milfs for your babe ranking special. Oh and let us not forget the mysterious Madden 8-legged turkey on this joyous holiday. See you this weekend when we mess up Shaun. hehe Later