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Monday, November 08, 2004

Subzero the Devil Rays

(blue moon, you saw me standing alone, without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own)

I’m really getting sick of sports. I never thought I would ever say something like that, but I really am.

I’m finding that I am just not going to like I used to and that I really don’t give a damn about what Peter Gammons has to say.

It could be that the NHL is not around. These guys that used to play in the NHL are screwed.

The NHL is the poster child for the reason why each league (except NFL) is struggling.

There are too many damn teams! NHL is a niche sport and nothing more. It’s pretty sad when there are 2 NHL teams in Florida and 1 in Minnesota. Not that Minnesota could support multiple hockey teams, but still.

In the 90’s the NHL, MLB, NBA, and NFL added about 18+ teams combined(I couldn’t keep track of all the NHL teams).
That’s way too damn many!

I am all for contraction in every sport.

The only thing I have against contraction is the term. Lets not pretty it up more than it needs to be. Instead of 'contract' lets just say annihilate, obliterate or subzero.
Just don’t subzero the traditional teams when Tampa Bay is struggeling while only being 6 years old.

That’s another thing, there seems to be no apparent reason why these teams are being added!

Some dumbass in Tampa decided that Tropicana Field would be the most opportunistic place to play baseball in Florida.
Another dumbass decided to bring the NBA back to Charlotte after the first team, 2 years ago, couldn’t even fill the stands. What makes this dumbass think the Bobcats will be any different?

Who thought of the brilliant idea to move Canadian Hockey teams to Arizona and Tennessee?

I don’t know, it seems that we should take out the ‘dumbass’ stamp for another round.

I think I may know why they add teams. I’ll be careful with this.

Tom’s Theory

Current owners receive money from the new expansion team, so it brings in money!

Wow, now there cannot be any reason why anyone would be against it then, right?
Well, look at the Diamondbacks and Devil Rays.
With obliteration trying to dissolve teams like Oakland, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, and Milwaukee; can someone honestly tell me with all that money the owners made off of Tampa and Arizona that it was worth it?

Pittsburgh is one of the all time historic baseball teams of all time! And baseball wanted to annihilate them for Tampa Bay?


I don’t know, I can’t get all worked up with this.

I’m already trying to figure out Mike Tice’s moves last night.

What a dumbass coach!

Tomorrow, I promise, I’ll pimp a fellow blogger

1 comment:

Hannes said...

You nailed it!

Who in Texas or Arizona gives a crap about hockey? Only the Canadians who immigrated down there but how many is that. And they're all traitors anyway.