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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The ugly stick

(I’ll be the sun, shinin’ on you, Hey Cinderella, step in to your shoe, I’ll be your non stop lover-get it while you can, your non stop miracle, I’m your man)

dun dun-GET OUT OF MY DREAMS…..and into my car.

God bless you Billy Ocean!

I would like to apologize to all the butt-lovers out there. I didn’t click on the ‘comments’ box. So ah, your voice was NOT heard.

I want to remind everyone to check out my ‘babes’ entry that will be available complete with links, tomorrow. I will rate a bunch of popular women….because….uh It’s my blog and I’ll talk about women all I want.

Anyway I got into the conversation today about the phenomena of ‘camping goggles’.

If there are any women that want to increase their ‘stock’, go camping with a bunch of guys. And I’m not talking about the ‘camping’ where ya rent a cabin and drink all night. Like they do in Sodak.
Maybe to most suburbanites that’s camping, but it certainly is not!

I’m talking about backpacking trips or tenting outings where it’s you, a bunch of other people, and the woods. You are miles away from civilization and the mean old bad bears are out and about ready to eat you. By the way, according to an episode of G.I. Joe, Lady Jaye says that ‘Human’s taste terrible’. Like she would know. Tell that to the Donner party.

I remember that line from this episode where these dinosaurs came around and G.I.s were afraid they’d be eaten. Apparently, Lady Jaye has had her share of humans.


There’s something about being in the middle of nowhere that makes and average woman advance three notches and become very attractive. Therefore, an attractive woman turns into a complete ‘yeah baby’ and so on. It may be the hunter mentality coming alive or the fact that THIS or these women are the only women in 50 miles. I’ve seen many couples kick start a relationship from a simple, but beautiful backpacking trip.

So yeah,

On the other hand, if there are any women (or anyone for that matter) that want to decrease their stock and dignity, dress like everyone else your age.

I saw this show on MTV it was a sorority soap opera stupid-ass show. They had a room of like 18 women who were all darker looking blonds, same dark clothing, and all holding the same stupid purse.

Now me being me, I’m thinking there’s some sort of cloning that’s happening at an exponential rate. 1-2-4-8-16-32 and pretty soon we have all these dark blond Britney wannabees that cant think without calling someone. Asian lady beetles will no longer be as much of a problem as much as these wannabees.

It was like seven years ago when everyone tried to look like Jennifer Aniston with that hair she had. People, ya can’t just look like Jennifer Aniston, it takes a certain genetic lottery and a lot of money.

Then just a couple years ago, everyone was trying to look like Britney. The cover of the Faith Hill cd looks just like Britney and it isn’t even funny.

I guess it’s best that everyone look like Britney or Jennifer than someone who REALLY got hit with the ugly stick.

Until tomorrow

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