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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

You Little Bitch!!

(please bury me under the cottonwood trees, the grounds too cold and old for me)

What a bitch!

Hog, in an effort to try and foil my poll, has totally stuffed mine (and his) polls so that he wins.

Sorry Hog you’re just a loser!

Funny, how at 4pm today I was winning at a rate that I could safely murder someone and STILL have enough support to win.

Funny, how at 4pm I was up 11-7 and then after ONE person came to this site, I was suddenly losing 12-11.

Funny, that I was winning on his own dumb site by a rate of 13-11 and now at 10:30pm I’m losing 14-13.

Hog, Hog, Hog did I serve you a low blow with the Magic Card bit?
Are ya just a little ticked off that I had the overwhelming turnout of 26 people (not including the >5 votes for Hog from ONE computer…bitch)

I mean I only voted for myself about 3 times not at least 5 times that YOU did.

Anyhow, as of right now I stand like this,

Bush 38,710,874 votes
Kerry 36,648,866 votes
Berg 11 votes
Hog 12 votes (but that’s total BS man)

So I’m still sitting on the couch with my family, eating Doritoes and Milk waiting for Miami/Dade County to come out. I’m really feeling confident that I spearhead the lead in that important county.

The Jury is still out in Cincinnati and Detroit, which (from what I hear) are strong Berg supporters.

I’m still very confident!

Hog, you can kiss my ass!

***THIS JUST IN******
Berg just received two more votes to pull ahead of Hog to win!

Take that beotch!

1 comment:

Hog said...

Yours I did stuff, but it was impossible to stuff the ballot on my site. A couple of people from work were going to vote for me, and after the first person voted, we could get the other vote to count.
It's not my problem that your poll wasn't secured. I honest to God have no idea where the last votes for me came from.
They must have seen through your smoke and mirrors bullshit campaign. Don't be angry Berg, you can always run for governor in 2006.
Expect a acceptamce speech in the very near future. I must now go celebrate my victory by studying for another fricken test.
My fellow Americans that voted for me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will be the best damn President that I know how to be. To all of you that didn't vote for me, I will do my best to serve as your President as well, except for you Berg, you can eat it!

Hog/Skoy/Miami in '08
Hey, it's never too early!