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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Eh, Screw It, New Years is on Saturday

(Through the fish-eyed lens of tear stained eyes, I can barely define this shape of this moment in time)

The Christmas tree is still up. The ripped-up wrapping paper is still sitting in the garbage bag and the leftovers from Christmas are still in the fridge.

These are the remnants of Christmas that allow you to slack off for the next four days. Seriously, all the bosses are gone, the work is down to the barest minimum ever, and all you can think about is New Years Day.

For those that still work this week, this has to be the most unproductive week of the year. Here at work all the parking lots are half empty, the work has dwindled because everyone is on vacation, and the ongoing dumb excuse that New Years is Saturday is currently taking place.

I can’t even motivate myself to go to the gym because, ‘Hey, fuck it, New Years is on Saturday’.

Whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.

I remember in high school when I had some assignment due at the end of xmas break, I would wait until the midnight hour of the last night to finish it.

Procrastination at its best and New Years Day is the ultimate excuse!

With New Years Day comes some good gambling, football, booze, and food—a deadly combination. For me, I have the usual New Years Party I attend at my good friends house. His whole family is hard-core Italian so the food is quite plentiful complete with my Krispie Kreme doughnuts I’m going to bring.

Then there’s the bowl games and with it, the gambling. There’s poker, the ‘pick the score’ on the bowl games, and the last week of the season in the NFL is the day after.

If there ever was a week one could get away with wallowing in their own fecal matter, this week would be it! Hell, you could sit in a lawn chair next to the mailbox and spread mustard all over your chest and no one would bat an eye.

Well, actually you would be gawked at and people would be wondering what the hell you are doing, but the excuse remains…
“Dude, next Saturday is New Years Day!”

Then the gawking would turn into smiles and nods.

Damn, the laziness is even getting to me in terms of this blog.

Anyway, I plan on critiquing the ‘Meet The Fockers’ movie which I plan on seeing…because of my severe hatred for Ben Stiller.
Then another day I plan on talking about the highlights and lowlights of 2004
Should be fun yo!

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