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Friday, December 31, 2004


(Holy diver you've been down too long in the midnight sea oh what's becoming of me)

I found out that anther person put a link to the ole’ bergblog…AND DIDN’T TELL ME!!!

The dude's name is Eric and he's from New Jersey. The two times that I have been in New Jersey I have always made the mistake of not knowing exactly where I am.

Tom: Ah New York, The city of sex.

Other person: Ah, we're still in New Jersey, Tom.

Tom: Whatever, it's all 'new' isn't it?

(ba domp CHING) God, I'm a loser!

I was actually very excited that he put a link up because…
In the times that I have thumbed through
his blog, I noticed that he takes a lot of pictures, which is great because you don’t have to read crappy grammar (like here) and listen to someone describe the embarrassment of another person having extra large anal beads..(??? Example complete).
Also Eric has some information as to where ‘
Hot Girl Camp’ is located because there is a high proportion of attractive women on his site. Seriously, every entry contains very gorgeous women!

And if that wasn’t enough, he tries to get a good butt pic here and there.

Therefore, I shouldn’t have to encourage you to visit
his site.

And Eric, Two things,
1. Tell me your secrets as to what you know about ‘hot girl camp’
2. If any of those women decides to take a vacation to the Twin Cities…

Beyond all the perverted stuff (from me) the dude’s a Big Lebowski fan as well.



This weekend is similar to last year’s week 17 in that the Vikes will should end up going to the playoffs, but I wouldn’t bet on it. They need Carolina or St. Louis to lose or the Vikes need to actually win a game. Knowing that the Vikes have allowed opposing quarterbacks to pass for 330+yds in the last three weeks, they can’t play worth a damn outside on the road, and they’ve lost three of the last four games—I’m not holding my breath for them to clinch it themselves.

The Vikes have already picked up the one-year option on Mike Tice (dammit to hell), so that won’t be lingering in any of the players’ thoughts.

Last week I went (10-6)
For an overall record of (141-95)

NY Jets @ St. Louis
For some reason I’ve been thinking that this game was at New York in which would be the only factor in how I can see the Rams losing and the Vikings making the playoffs. Since this game is in that stupid dome, I honestly think the Rams will win. If the Rams end up winning, the Vikes season will (again) result in a collapse as opposed to what Mike Tice would say.
Rams 28 Jets 17

San Francisco @ New England
Another worthless game because the Patriots have already clinched everything. It’s not like the 49ers have anything to play for either. Sadly enough, I’m sure the Pats second stringers will beat the San Fran varsity
Patriots 17 49ers 3

Cincinnati @ Philadelphia
Did you know that both Pennsylvanian teams are the number one seeded teams? I find that kinda crazy. This is another game where some fans got screwed out of a quality football game.
Bengals 31 Eagles 16

New Orleans @ Carolina
I consider this game to be the game of the week! I would almost rather watch this than (my predicted) Vikings debacle. Both teams have been a bit surprising as of late and it should be entertaining. However, the Vikings need Carolina to lose, which means that Carolina will in fact win.
Panthers 34 Saints 24

Miami @ Baltimore
Baltimore actually has something to play for. Miami, as was referenced from last Sunday nights’ game, is a terrible team with a terrible interim coach.
Ravens 27 Dolphins 3

Cleveland @ Houston
Apparently all Cleveland does now is run. Last Sunday night they gave the ball to Lee Suggs like 40 times, which broke Jim Brown’s old mark! It was one of the most retarded football games I’ve seen because EVERYONE KNEW WHAT THE NEXT BROWNS PLAY WAS GOING TO BE!. Ah lets see…..ah RUN!
Texans 30 Browns 16

Pittsburgh @ Buffalo
If only this game was a couple weeks earlier when something mattered.
Bills 24 Steelers 13

Green Bay @ Chicago
The Packers paid rubes $8 an hour to shovel snow from the benches at Lambeau on Wednesday. People would then say something along the lines of, “It’s for the spirit of the Packers” or something completely stupid like that. Apparently they thing they’re going to some sort of ‘football heaven’ when they die.
Bears 21 Packers 20

Detroit @ Tennessee
The Lions might actually be pretty good next year! In fact, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if they win the North next year.
Lions 28 Titans 21

Atlanta @ Seattle
Man, too bad this game wasn’t a couple weeks ago too! I guess they expect Vick to play, but I wouldn’t think they’d play him too long. Seattle SUCKS THOUGH!!! How does a team like Seattle make the playoffs?
Seahawks 24 Falcons 17

Tampa Bay @ Arizona
Who cares.
Bucs 35 Cards 14

Kansas City @ San Diego
Another ‘screwed out of a quality football game’ game.
Chiefs 35 Chargers 31

Indianapolis @ Denver
I really don’t know what to make of this game. How do the Colts sit any offensive player out when the whole damn offense rocks?
Colts 31 Broncos 27

Jacksonville @ Oakland
Jacksonville was my AFC team this year and if they were in the NFC, they be a 2 seeder sadly enough.
Jags 21 Raiders 14

Dallas @ NY Giants
Why do they even broadcast Giants games anymore?
Dallas 17 Giants 10

Minnesota @ Washington
Lets see, the last outdoor game the Vikings won was… Houston (earlier this year, but lets go farther back) oh the first game of the 2003 season! Damn, this team sucks outdoors and on the road. The past three weeks the Vikings have allowed passing yards like: 365,361 (to Joey friggen Harrington), and 334 all games that didn’t go into overtime. Patrick Ramsey will probably have a career game throwing for about 345 and two (probably three TDs) in another Vikings loss. At the end of the game, FOX will take us to the conclusion of the Saints/Panthers game in where Aaron Brooks will get intercepted on the Panther’s 10 yard line in the closing seconds.

Count on it.
I really am a Vikings fan, but I’ve seen it way too many times!
Redskins 28 Vikes 24

Even if this team does make the playoffs, are they really going to go far?

Have a happy New Year All.


Hog said...

If the Lions are going to be any better next year, they must go out and find a better QB. Joey will be the death of the Lions next year.
If they could play the Vikes defense every week, Joey would put up Hall of Fame numbers. But then again, who wouldn't?????

Eric Wormann said...

I'm your 500th visitor. I will try to meet more hot women and take pictures of them for you.