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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Sassy's site

(cuz the god damn thing was working just fine with 10 more minutes to go)

I must be the laziest person ever. I have been listening to Def Leppard’s ‘Hysteria’ over and over again for the past five days here at work. Last Thursday or so, I put the jambox on ‘repeat all’ and I just can’t work enough strength to go over and change the damn CD.

Yeah it’s one of their best pieces of music, but the high pitch screaming can really get on your nerves after awhile. It almost makes me want to….

Hop on a Rocket and send myself off to where the Gods of War roam and finally fall on a planet full of Women and Animals where they make me Excitable with their Love and Affection and how they love to Pour Some Sugar on Me. After a year of that crap I’ll probably Run Riot with Hysteria and realize that Love Bites.

And then uh… Don’t Shoot Shotgun(???)

Armageddon It?

That’s about as creative as I get ‘round here.

It’s still more creative than Sasquatch’s site,
better than bergblog” where he apparently only bitches about Mike Tice.

Funny, how I start up this blog and arch nemeses seem to appear out of the woodwork. Sassy also says that he’s going to run against ‘us’ in the 2008 or until Hog gets impeached.

Hehe, little does he know. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA

And if he was smart about the name of his site, he’d call it ‘better than bergblog-blog’ because you can’t have a blog that ends with someone else’s blog.

That’s just shear stupidity.

Let me tell you something about Sassy, here’s a guy whose fantasy football team, The Yetis, beats the crap out of me by 60 damn points and after all that, he has the balls to tell me, in an email,

“Good game Tom”

What a complete jackass! Everyone knows how sensitive I get when my Deer lose. There’s no need to twist the knife especially when I made the bonehead move of playing Fitzgerald instead of Chambers.

What a freakin dick!

We were talking last night about who would win in a battle between actual yetis and Deer. It’s pretty obvious to me that The Deer would obliterate the Yetis and—hell, throw in a bunch of Hog’s ‘Mighty Mallards’ and that still wouldn’t be enough to contain these wild Deer that I have.

And remember, caribou, elk, and moose are all apart of the deer family and then there’s the age-old question,
‘Exactly how many deer are we talking about?’ I mean if there are a trillion or so deer with sharp ass antlers, yetis and mallards don’t stand a chance. My deer would easily beat the Axis Powers if asked.

Especially now since my deer are really hungry for some money. We’re done chewing on shrubs and small trees, we need some REAL FOOD!

Anyway, I encourage all of you to go to Sassy’s website and make fun of the asshole to no end.

1 comment:

Hog said...

Why does my name always end up on this damn thing. Do you have nothing better to talk about than me and my Mighty Mallards.
But yeah, the Yettis emailed me too after he beat me by 1 or 2 god damned points. Nothing better than seeing "good game" in my email inbox after I lose by such a small margin all because Mike Tice wouldn't let the ACTUAL QUARTERBACK throw a touchdown.