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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Stupid, Worthless Baseball Stats

(And the sherrif says, “Boy I wanna watch you die” with 19 minutes to go,
So I spit in his face and kicked him in the eye with 18 minutes to go)

Last Friday Jason Giambi admitted to taking steroids.

NO, NOT JASON GIAMBI! Who would’ve thought THAT!

Then Barry Bonds came out earlier this week (NAW YOU GOTTA BE JOKING!?)

Oprah will also be on the cover of Oprah magazine next month too.
The sky is blue.
Someone will get drunk in Wisconsin tonight as well.

Check out
this early pic of Bonds then look at this pic.
I think this ‘new’ Barry Bonds at one point, ate this old skinny Barry Bonds.

Then there’s
this pic of Giambi and compare it to this one.
Not that there’s a good before/after pic but the dude looks completely nutz!
Someone has to coach Jason on how to properly smile for a camera. The guy looks like he’ll beat the hell out of a kitten if asked. I bet he was breathing quite heavily to the point that he was whistling a bit every time he inhaled. His right eye looks like the twitching kind you’ve seen in Ren and Stimpy cartoons
Seriously, you can almost see veins popping out of his forehead
The cameraman has to be blind to take a picture like that.

I mean really, was this news? Now the concern seems to be involved in contracts and whether these players breached their contracts, which is understandable.

Then the Sabermaticians were all aghast about the stats.


I used to be hardcore into sabermetrics (to a point) and I knew everyone’s stats. I studied them like flashcards on the back of those sweet Topps cards (the cheap ones not the stupid, hyper-glossy-clean-your-fuckin-toilet-foil-stamped ones)
At this day in age, who the fuck really cares because all the stats nowadays (and everywhere) in baseball are screwed up without any drugs involved.

In stats you have to compare apples to apples with the same variables. It works for Hockey (when using one size rink), football, and basketball to name a few. Baseball, however, almost all stats are comparing apples to oranges.

First thing that makes stats bogus is the fact that every baseball stadium has different dimensions. Right there if one player is playing in Tropicana Field for 82 games, and another is playing in Comerica Park, how the hell can you even compare the two hitter’s stats if they’ve never played in each other’s parks against the same pitchers and without those different dimensions. It’s almost like they’re playing a different game.

With Hockey, basketball, and football the fields are all alike in dimensions so it is comparing apples to apples except in evaluating opponents.

If there was a more accurate way of figuring out true stats, then we’d have to erase most of the ‘home’ stats because of the amount of games they play compared to other hitters. Erase most because you’d have to randomly select 3 or 6 games when the hitter played.

Then comparing stats today to stats of yesteryear is just ridiculous! Do you know how huge the ballparks were back in the day? Before Fenway Park was built, they played in the Huntington Avenue Grounds (look under past ballparks in the American League) where centerfield was 630’. Yes, 630 FEET!!! Talk about room to roam around. I seriously doubt the centerfielder ever met the wall in any sort. Playing deep meant that you had to play ‘mid center’ field in relation to the wall. A sharp hit towards the gap meant you had to chase the ball until it slowed down long enough to catch up to it. Then you had the (hehe) 500’+ throw back home.
Good luck!

That was the most extreme example but an average centerfield fence in those times was about 450, which is about 50 feet from our average now. Yankee stadium even was bigger back in the day. Where the memorials are now (left field), used to be in-play!

So how the hell can Barry Bonds be the next homerun king if Ruth had a much harder time with those (non Yankee stadium) ballparks.

And then don’t get me started on how worthless a pitcher’s win total is.
Quick bits tomorrow

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