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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tom's Highlights of 2004

(too many men, too many people, making too many problems, and not much love to go ‘round)

The Year: Highlights (today) and Lowlights (tomorrow)

The year started out like every other: Still attending school at the hippy side of the U of M, working full-time at the triple M, and being a goofball in my spare time.

As far as highlights, there were a couple nice times in 2004.
In no particular order…

-Winning in Poker

Ah Yes, to start out the year, I won my first game of Texas Hold 'em. I scored myself $20 and more importantly, I beat Hog. Too bad that's all I beat him at.

-The Sodak Experience
I was interning with the US Forest Service in The Black Hills National Forest for the summer and it had to be the best summer job ever! Not only was the job of combing the Black Hills for Mountain Pine Beetle infected trees great, but I had the best daily hours one could ask for (7am-3:30pm).

-Those Coloradoans that helped us out.
Throughout the summer I was working with a couple guys. One was what I called Uncle Jessy because he was a ‘good ol boy’ and the other was this wacked out 49-year-old loser from Hutchinson, MN and he kept the day interesting with his thoughts on stupid shit. After about four weeks of doing the same crap and seeing the same two people all the time, everything did get a little old.
Then one day, everything changed.

The boss (who I only saw once) came up from Colorado with his crew to work on some other project. The typical three of us (the dream team) drove to our new working site when we saw this other crew.

Jessy and I were licking our chops because this other crew was plum filled with ‘hotties’. Naturally, the two groups got along great and the next three days, life was grand! Maybe it was a case of ‘camping goggles’ and/or we were really horny bastards, but waking up for work was not a challenge anymore.

These few days were so great that the next week was very painful because we had been exposed to the finer times in life.

-The Denver Experience
In the middle of this internship, I found out that Sammy Hagar and Van Halen were one and the same once again. Therefore, I had to take part in this reunion of sorts because Van Halen hasn’t done anything since they fired Gary Cherone (shudders) about four years ago. Other than the concert, walking around Denver was pretty cool. Great weather, got away from ‘that situation’ in Rapid City, and saw some outdoor baseball.

On top of all that, I ALMOST CAUGHT A HOME RUN BALL!!!!!
Gather ‘round everyone, Tom’s gonna tell a story.

So once again, I was at Coors field on August 1st (ironically, I think I was at Coors field nine years to the day!) anyway I was in the left field seats and it was fuckin hot that day! I was refilling my water bottle constantly throughout the day and those aluminum benches were a total whore on my ass! I couldn’t even work up any swass because the hot bench would just burn it away! As the game went on, there was a total of about seven homeruns hit throughout the day and I had a chance at one.

[Crack] I could see the ball rising high in the air and I couldn’t tell if it was a pop fly or a homerun hit in my direction. As the ball kept rising and Luis Gonzalez kept backing up I knew this ball was heading in my direction. In fact this ball seemed to be heading right at me! As instincts are leading me to this ball, it seems that I am indeed going to at least get a hand on this bad boy. As I’m following this ball coming down, it’s about 80ft from landing in my hand. It turns out that I might have to move about ten feet to my right in order to have a chance at this ball, so I start to shift to my right when,
(thud) the stupid aisle bar separates me and the home run target.

The ball lands and this old dude snatches it up and…GOD DAMN IT!

So the dream of catching a home run ball ended with that damn bar, but it didn’t stop me from being on a Sports Center highlight and watching myself smash into a metal bar about five times.

-The drive home
I was very excited to come home because I was really getting sick of Sodakians and I kinda pissed off the people I was living with. So the freedom of getting out of an awkward situation and coming back home from three months away was a welcoming experience.

-Twolves making the Western Conference Finals
Finally KG and the Wolves got through the first round by beating those fucking beotches known as the Denver Nuggets (man, what a bunch of thugs). Then there was that exciting series with the Sacramento Kings that went into a full seven games. The wolfies then brought the Western Conference Finals to six games, which is respectable.

-Sarah McLachlan concert
A wonderful concert. I waited about six years to see her live and she did not disappoint.

Finally, I’m done with school.
But now what?!??

Tomorrow, indulge with me as I present the low lights to 2004

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