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Friday, December 17, 2004

What a Bunch of Morons

(But this aint the movies, so the hell with me with eight more minutes to go)


Major League Baseball just can’t help but to keep raising the bar of stupidity.

One could write a novel on all the bad luck that the Expos have had to deal with.

-Their old owner screwed around with local media outlets and there was a period of time when the Expos weren’t on local tv/radio.
-They had the first retractable roof until it started fuckin up. After over a billion dollars of labor, the stadium is still broken
-They lost a dynasty's worth of talent throughout the nineties including: Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, and Larry Walker to name a few
-Their best season was in ’94 when they were safely in first place until the strike cancelled the season
-Baseball announces contraction (anihilation) of the Expos because they don’t have the fan support. As if it’s really the fan’s fault.
-The last couple seasons half of the Expos home games have been played in Puerto Rico.
-MLB (That is, all 29 dickhead, cheap-ass owners of MLB) took primary ownership of the franchise in 2002. As if one wasn't bad enough.

Anyway, about a month ago they moved the team to Washington DC and changed their name to the Nationals in hopes that this new team will increase in value with a new fan base and a new owner would come along.

Then devastation happened, a couple days ago when the District of Columbia City council added an amendment to their new ballpark proposal in that the new $440 million ballpark would have to have at least $220 million of it to be privately funded.

The Nationals have since shut down business and promotional operations indefinitely since the bad news.

This was a shock to MLB because they wanted a stadium to be fully funded by the city they moved to.

They wanted the city to pay for the whole damn thing.

Well that decision has brought the whole relocation deal in jeopardy because MLB’s owners’ don’t want to pay the money to build the stadium. Plus, even if there was an owner the least bit interested, not only would that potential owner have to pay for the franchise but also the $220+ million for the new stadium added on.

So unless anything changes, baseball will be fucked with the Expos (or Nationals or whatever) WITHOUT a host city!

It's just too good!

HAHA Do ya really think that many people in DC will attend a Nationals’ game knowing that the team doesn’t belong to the city? I mean even if I was a baseball fan in DC, instead of paying for premium seats: I'd buy the cheapest hooker, buy a bunch of bologna with barbeque sauce, and slap that bologna on the hooker's barbequed ass as I watch "Year In Review: The 1999 Seattle Seahawks".

Yeah, fuck baseball!

However, it does make contraction more likely and you can’t contract just one team.


I’ve been kicking ASS in picks
Last week I went (11-5)
Overall I’m (120-84)

Pittsburgh @ NY Giants
Why the hell did the Giants start Manning this season? I mean Warner wasn’t the best but at least Tiki was playing decent and they had a winning record.
The question for this game is how many interceptions will Manning throw. I bet he throws four.
Steelers 31 Giants 3

Washington @ San Francisco
YUCK!!! This is the special Saturday Fox game of the day? Bleh! They’re better off just playing Bruce Almighty instead of this crap. Then we’d get to see Catherine Bell!
Redskins 24 49ers 17

Carolina @ Atlanta
I need some advice, I have both Atlanta and Carolina’s D and quarterbacks. I’m going to both start Delhomme and his D or Vick and his D. I have no damn clue as to what I’m going to do. I’m thinking Atlanta, but Carolina’s been hot. Therefore, I have no clue as to what will happen in this game.
Panthers 31 Falcons 13

Houston @ Chicago
Didn’t these teams already play last week?
Texans 20 Bears 13

Buffalo @ Cincinnati
Mike Tice actually compared to the Vikes to the Bengals as ‘teams that have been in a playoff drought’. He compared the Vikings to the Bengals! Fuck you Tice
Bills 34 Bengals 28

San Diego @ Cleveland
Shouldn’t even play the game. BAH!!!!
Chargers 41 Browns 17

Jacksonville @ Green Bay
You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jacksonville pulled it out. Hell, Detroit almost did it last week and Harrington played like shit! I can just see Fred Taylor rippin’ it up.
Jaguars 21 Packers 10

Seattle @ NY Jets
Jets, hands down
Jets 28 Seahawks 14

Dallas @ Philadelphia
How can a Philly fan take the Eagles record in the NFC realistically? The NFC is so god damn bad that any decent team should be 9-3 or better at this point.
Eagles 21 Cowboys 17

St. Louis @ Arizona
Man, this one is tough. These are two teams that I had high expectations for this year. They both have managed to suck through and through.
Rams 31 Cards 24

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay
These are the two most fucked up teams in the NFL. Just when you want to forget about the Bucs they shut out the Falcons. Then the Saints will lose every game until they beat Dallas in Dallas. WFT? Roll the dice.
Bucs 24 Saints 14

Denver @ Kansas City
I remember the last time Denver played Kansas City—my guy, Quentin Griffen, scored three touchdowns on 150 yards rushing. He was the future of the Denver running game.
Awwwww HORSESHIT!!!!
Broncos 42 Chiefs 28

Tennessee @ Oakland
Don’t know, don’t care
Raiders 28 Titans 10

Baltimore @ Indianapolis
Yeah, that bitch Brandon Stokley is injured! The most annoying white guy receiver might not play!
Colts 38 Ravens 31

New England @ Miami
That would be totally sweet if Miami pulled one off!
Patriots 24 Dolphins 10

Promise me you’ll have a good weekend!

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