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Friday, January 21, 2005


I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's home to me and I walk alone

Boulevard of Broken Dreams, by Green Day

So how long does the expiration date of a song last? Seriously, this song is coming down with whatever ‘Don’t Speak’, ‘Amazing’, ‘Crazy’, and ‘Cryin’ had. There comes a time when a song is a wee bit overplayed.

Such a time came last week in the gym.

I usually run around the track for a good twenty minutes and at the 15 minute mark is where you need that simple, powerful, kick-you-in-the-balls type song (AC/DC). I turn it to the simple, safe, poppy station (KS95) and Boulevard of Broken Dreams comes on instead.
Okay, not a bad song. I like the melody and the slow grove to it. Lets see how long I can put up with it.
(after two minutes) Ok, gotta see if Big Balls is on. I turn it too the hard rock, suburbanite, I’m-pissed-off-at-the-world-for-no-reason station (93x) and Boulevard is on as well. In fact, the song didn’t really lose its place. It was almost as if the two stations were simulcast.
Coincidence I figure.
So now I try the deep cut, 30-something, sometimes folk, sometimes adult cont, I-wear-a-turtleneck station (cities 97).

SAME GOD DAMN SONG! For the record, three stations in three different genres, owned by three different conglomerates playing the same song at the same time. It went on for about a minute in a half!

That’s it, Green Day is now screwed.

Too much airplay is never a good thing. It made Steven Tyler even scarier and less talented (did this guy really write Dream On?), I took a little away from the reputation of No Doubt (don’t speak), and it makes John Mayer seem like a complete pussy.

And it’s the ABSOLUTE final gauntlet for the punk community.

Green Day is often considered a punk group. Maybe back in the day they were, but they certainly cannot go around and describe themselves with that label now.
Let’s take the general dynamics of punk music.

-against prog rock
-more about feeling (aggression, anger, defiance, “fuck 'the man’”)
-anything BUT pop
-quick songs

I’m not a punk connoisseur. In fact I don’t like punk music, but Boulevard crosses at least three of those general characteristics of punk. The beat is very slow and there’s a distinct melody involved. The song is pretty much played regularly on PUBLIC TALK RADIO for chrissakes. And it’s not the usual 2-minute song that seems to classify punk with.

Therefore, GREEN DAY IS NOT PUNK! Boulevard and Good Riddance were the songs that killed that label.

Now onto football

Four teams are left in the NFL and four teams are left in Fantasy football. The Deer is/are one of those remaining teams.

My roster for the Deer is
Atlanta defense

Which is by far the most players on a current roster between the three other teams. We are having another draft this weekend to fill our rosters and I have a couple options with lineup.

Since I’m the only one with a kicker, Defense, and a quarterback; I could screw my opponent by picking up more of the same (there’s only 2QB’s, 3D’s, and 3 K’s left) so he’d have some roster spots empty.
Go the offensive and pick up a receiver and runningback to stack up my team a bit
Try and think ahead and, if Philly and NE will play in the Superbowl, stock up on those players.

I don’t know, I’ll have to feel the jig out.


Last week I went 3-1 because those Patriots are hard to put a finger on.

Overall, post season I’m 5-3

Atlanta @ Philadelphia
Both these games are tough to predict, but this one seems to be the toughest. Will Philly’s D be so good as to contain Vick (who is destined to be a punt returner)? Will Vick be allowed to throw the ball? If the Eagles lose again, will the fans kill themselves?
I’m actually thinking it’s Philly’s year because Atlanta is a dome team and dome teams are weak. Vick wont be able to pass the ball anywhere this week and those linebackers are crazy. I think this will be a VERY low scoring game because both defenses are pretty damn good. Both offenses are…eh?
Eagles 13 Falcons 6

New England @ Pittsburgh
It’s come to the point that these guys could defeat Al Qaeda if necessary. How the hell did they beat the Colts? How the hell did they only lose two games in the last two years (or something like that)? Why hasn’t a player like Tom Brady asked for 500 billion dollars in a contract extension (thus severely crippling the team) yet? I’m sure Rothlesberger will get rattled and Troy Brown will find a way to pick off a pass or two. Bettis will have an alright day but the Pats will find a way to stop him. Pats will find a way to win though. Somehow…somehow.
Patriots 27 Steelers 17

Good weekends ya’ll!

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Orbitron19 said...

AMEN on Green Day! Dude, you gotta break down and get an iPod. It's the greatest thing for working out. I've got a playlist for running, one for lifting, one for cool down or put it on random and imagine going from The Pixies "Gouge Away" to LL Coll J's "Headsprung". Awesome.
As for the Football picks--Falcons v. Patriots (I'm writing this at 10:45 Sunday Morning)