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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Man, I Can't Wait!

Come on and be my little good luck charm,
Uh-huh huh, you sweet delight.
I want a good luck charm
a-hanging on my arm,
To have, to have, to hold, to hold tonight.

All I gotta say is… Y’all are a big bunch of assholics

You guys can’t tell me that back in the napster heyday, that you weren’t the least bit curious over that one Madonna song or a certain Carpenters tune or that Snow song.

I’m content with my manhood enough to admit that I’m a Bryan Adams fan.

Who’s the bigger man now?

Uh don’t answer that.

And no, I don’t have Robin Hood Prince of Thieves….yet.
Fuck all you alls till you’re good and stupid.

All in all, this has been a really damn good week.
On Sunday I found out that my Deer are playing in our fantasy Superbowl.
On Monday I found out that my plans for a warm vacation are set.
Tuesday, I signed the lease to my new place.
Also on Tuesday I found out that instead of paying X amount monthy in rent, I only have to pay X-$120, because this place pays for cable!
And then of course, I’m getting my TV on Saturday. *sniff, sniff*

I think I have everything minus the piddly shit. The only problem is that being a guy, I don’t have any idea what to do about knick knacks.
The whole topic of knick knacks are way off my radar. I go to other people apartments and houses and the girlfriend/wife will have a collection of apples placed nicely in some corner. Another place will have a set of ladybugs set aside somewhere else. Then you have doilies and placemats and flower pots.

It seems like when I first move in anywhere, I have to set up the bed. Then it’s the stereo, and TV/electronics, and then everything else can be done later. The entertainment HAS to be up and running!

So how the fuck am I supposed to know enough to have a collection of pears anywhere, or old crying clown pictures. That crap is beyond me. Just the basic setup is good enough for me.

On Saturday, I will probably run into problems because my routine will be interrupted because I need to build the TV stand before I can even think of setting up any entertainment.

The instructions for such simple TV stands, CD shelves, and entertainment centers are painfully easy, but I always manage to screw them up. The problem is that they’re too easy to set up. Instead of following steps 1-20, I just skip right over to 14 and some board ends up being backwards or completely ass backwards.

It’s kind of like when I was taking classes for Microsoft project with my co-workers. Most of them are 40+ and then there’s me, so most of them are well before the computer age. They give you this ‘workbook’ that takes you step-by-step through everything and it’s just too easy.
-Find the start button
-click it
-find settings
-highlight printers
-click printers which should already be highlighted.

See if someone just said, “change this on your printer” it’d be fine!

Then I unfortunately have a waterbed that I have to figure out. The reason I have a waterbed is because someone at work was giving it away and I HATE shopping for mattresses. I tried last Monday and a lot are too expensive for me. I need something that is no more than $30 because, the one I have now isn’t terribly bad and I don’t need those $1300 mattresses (that’s just fucking crazy!)

I don’t know, it’ll be fun

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