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Friday, January 14, 2005

The New Pad

When the truth is found--to be lies
And all the joy--within you dies
Don’t you want somebody to love
Don’t you need somebody to love

For those of you interested in that ‘other’ eating contest for which I lost..

It was White Castles and I don’t wanna talk about it.

Last week sometime late at night I decided to start some hardcore thinking of renting vs. buying. I talked to a number of people, I got prequalified for a couple loans, and I was really looking at the prices of houses compared to the neighborhoods. I had a ‘good faith estimate’ of all the money I would need at closing and all the money I would need on a monthly basis. I really looked at this estimate with a steel eye. After about 15 minutes I finally came up with a decision.

I can’t afford a house without the stress getting to me. I mean I could barely afford a house, but then that would mean that I wouldn’t be able to eat the gas station sandwiches that I crave so much. I also would have guilt with the weight of a house on my shoulders every time I go to the strip joint or to the blues bar.
I don’t need that kinda stress. My hair is already going, I don’t need to blow it all before I’m 30! I don’t want to be balder than my dad at the age of 26!
For instance, If the roof started leaking I would probably be balder than Michael Stipe and have an ulcer with just the site of discolored ceiling tiles.

Stranger I haven’t seen I a couple years: Damn Tom, heredity really kicking your ass!
Tom: It’s not heredity. I’m a homeowner.
Not to mention that I wouldn’t have any money to get any kind of a decent TV let alone a big ass one and then there’s cable! Then I’m thinking of all the little things I’m going to have to buy. I’m talking about food, detergent, vacuum cleaner, toilet paper, paper towels, broom, and all the other little piddly shit I gotta get.

Not to mention that I don’t want to deal with realtors and renters at the moment.

So I got my own place. It’s a decent apartment. It’s got the underground parking with car wash, balcony to piss off of, washer/dryer, and it’s bad ass. It’s really close to my house but the place also has controlled entry so if my mom strolls by, I don’t have to necessarily let her in.

Football Talk

I love message boards! I have about 7 message boards that I read whenever I can. The board that I especially check is the KFAN board because it’s filled with goofy, sarcastic assholes.

Since the word spread that the Vikings were going to play the Eagles, everyone from KFAN started migrating to the eagles message board and now shats being flung around everywhere. The Vikes fans know that vikes had a mediocre season and that they ‘backed in’ to the playoffs, but they’re still dishing it out.

Clearly the vibe of both boards are totally different: The eagles board is filled with hardcore fans that seem to lose any kind of objectivity and see the world with green tinted glasses. The Vikes fans are like mosquitoes in that they know that they don’t have much to base anything off of, but they’re still going to try to piss off the hard-core fans.

Now if I may, I’m going to start throwing out some gross generalizations about fans.
Green bay fans are racist
Vikings fans are naive (hey, we still hold on!)
Philadelphia fans are homophobic.

Just about every reply by an Eagle’s fan has something to do with Moss being Culpepper’s ‘butt buddy’ and the like. I haven’t heard such homophilia since—today, here at work actually.


This weekend is one hell of a weekend for football and my pocketbook.

Sunday, I think I’m finally going to buy a ‘big-ass’ TV. I’ve been doing some research and I think I have pinpointed the right TV for my new pad. It's gonna be phat!

Every game this weekend should be good games, especially in the AFC.


Last week I went (2-2) and overall for post-season picking I’m (2-2)

NY Jets @ Pittsburgh
Having to play the Chargers one week and THEN the Steelers is just ridiculous. The Jets were oh so close to screwing up that game, luckily that linebacker has a kicker that can kick field goals (Doug Brien, the guy who missed 2 extra points in a game once). I think Bettis will have the best of the Jets though.
Steelers 24 Jets 13

St. Louis @ Atlanta
I can totally see Michael Vick having a HUGE game (and not because he’s on my fantasy team). Nah I bet he’ll get 100 rushing and I bet the Falcons beat the crap out of the Rams.
Falcons 31 Rams18

Indianapolis @ New England
This, now THIS is the game that I want to see (other than the vikes). The media loves the Colts, but ya can’t really count the Pats out. The Pats secondary is banged up and the Colts offense is damn good. Eh, I’ll go with the media.
Colts 31 Patriots 24

Minnesota @ Philadelphia
I’ve seen this way too many times before. We get one great win and then all of a sudden everyone thinks we’re going to the Super bowl. The Eagles are already favored by 9.5, but their starters haven’t played in something like five weeks. I can’t help but think that last weeks Vikings/Packers game was a huge fluke. I don’t know. I gotta go with Philly
Eagles 24 Vikings 10

Prove me wrong guys, prove me wrong
Good weekends all around


Hannes said...

I thought White Castle was just something they made up in the movie. Learn something new every day.

Eric Wormann said...

I want to hear the White Castle story. How many did you eat?