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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Review, 'Meet The Fockers'

(oh I messed up,
better I should know,
and don’t come around here
and tell me I told you so)

I somewhat remember the time I first saw ‘Meet The Parents’ I was curious, ready for, what I thought, would be a funny movie.

What happened was I realized how much of an overrated actor Ben Stiller is because I just don’t find him that funny.

In my opinion, Ben Stiller’s only good character was his roll in Happy Gilmore as the nursing home keeper. Other than that, Ben Stiller has never been funny, EVER. I thought Zoolander was fucking stupid, Along Came Polly was dreadful, and he certainly wasn’t funny in Something..Mary (which wasn’t too bad of a movie).

I don’t get the entire rave about this guy. I don’t understand why people laugh when he does something stupid. The guy looks like a Cro-Magnon man or something.

Throughout the movie as Gaylord Focker (Stiller) was trying to impress his fiancées stuck up family, I felt that Stiller’s character was one of the most pathetic characters I have ever seen. For one, he never stuck up to Jack Byrnes (Robert De Niro) because he was afraid of him or something. Two: Focker’s hot fiancée (who’s rumoured to be in Playboy next month) would never empathize with Focker, which I thought was a bit unrealistic. Finally, they used the same lame ass jokes (Focker, that ugly cat, and that Owen Wilson character) way too much.

I mean there’s only so many times where someone can say ‘Hey Focker’ until its really watered down and stupid.

Therefore, when I went to see ‘Meet The Fockers’ I had my knives sharpened and I was kind of expecting an even worse movie.

It was actually a bit better.

It’s no Eternal Sunshine or Ghost World but it was worth a couple laughs.

This movie seemed to revolved around Jack Byrnes instead of Stiller’s dumb character. Jack and his wife go down to Florida to meet Gay’s weird and interesting parents.

The contrast between the two families is pretty much the first half of the movie, which is really boring and it only shows how stuck up the Byrnes family is.

Surprisingly, the presence of Barbara Streisand doesn’t screw up the movie too much, but it is a little disturbing when she bends over…right in front of the damn shot…grrr.

Dustin Hoffmann plays Papa Focker (haw haw..shut up) who plays another interesting character in that he used to be a protesting hippy who had a shaky practice.

The problem I have is if Focker’s dad is going to be so goofy, then why not use Jerry Stiller as the dad? It would’ve been perfect! Jerry Stiller is, unlike his kid, comedy gold.

The movie does have elements of its’ dumb descendant. There are more old ‘Focker’ jokes, The Byrnes family still seems way too uptight, and Gay Focker is still getting into dumbass situations where you wish he’d just ‘man up’ to Jack Byrnes.

Then later on in the movie, the plot gets completely weird and bizarre. I wont tell you how, but it seems like the writers needed to add another 15 minutes by adding some ludicrous sub plot or two, which makes little sense.

Despite the mercy I am giving this movie, because it’s barely worth renting, it’s just another unnecessary sequel.

Speaking of unnecessary movies, you should’ve seen the previews before this movie.

GOOD LORD there is some hard-core shit coming out!

1. The Pacifier
Judging from the preview, this is a movie about how a hardcore tactical military guy like Vin Diesel somehow joins this family and tries to raise it with his tactical background.
Of course there were some clips about him reading a bedtime story and other scenes with him doing motherly things. I can’t believe anyone would want to see this stupid movie.

2. Miss Congeniality 2
How….in the hell does this movie deserve a sequel? Judging by the preview, IT LOOKS LIKE A CARBON COPY OF THE FIRST MOVIE! I don’t know why or what the dynamics of what women think is funny but between the first movie, those Legally Blonde movies, and The Sweetest Thing; I just don’t understand female comedy AT ALL! For example, Molly Shannon has her own SNL DVD. Molly Shannon? Her skits are annoying and disgusting. Why does she have her own DVD?

I don’t know.

Anyway, Meet the Fockers is only worth renting, if that.

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