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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


There’s no more coming back this way
The path is overgrown and strewn with thorns
They’ve torn the lifeblood from you naked eyes

I need to do something new. I’m not moving in to my new place until the end of the month and between now and then I need something to do other than pack.

That paragraph about the bathwater and squirrel porn is just not cutting it lately. I need something quick, flashy, and bada-BING!

I need a new slogan! I have been thinking a long time about this and thought I would bring it up to the panel.

So far I have…

“Wearing ignorance as a badge of honor online since 8/29/04”

“I’ll suck anything” from Kevin Smith

“The official source of bad grammar”

“Teaching children the joy of pissing jokes since”

“I have a big cock”

“A site worth frowning upon”

“Don’t playa hate, playa particiPATE” from the VP

“The blog of a triple cheeseburger eating champion”

“The site of a champion and numerous pissing jokes”

“The equivelant of and blog golden shower”

“I’ll give you a reach-around if you read this!”

“two in the berg and one in the blog”

“The blog where men become boys and where women roll their eyes”

“This blog is better than betterthanbergblog”

“An asshole’s daily rants”
or maybe a combination of all that.

Or maybe ya’ll have a better idea?

Let me know.

babes tomorrow

1 comment:

Hog said...

How about "The official home of AIDS jokes"?