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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Terrible Post

You think you hear demons
I think you are the demon
In this place where the images are born
You remember your childhood
Oh, in fiery sequences

Yeah… that was a strange entry.

I was reading a bunch of blogs today when I found one that started out with,
“This is funny…” and then proceeded to talk about dancing like Stevie Nicks and then Evita…?

I thought to myself, “What the crap is this about? This doesnt make ANY crappin sense!”

I then looked up and noticed the title, ‘Bergblog’.

Whoops! Hehe

Nah for some strange reason, crap was chopped off the beginning. Here’s what I wanted to say…

I’m moving into a new place on Saturday and I don’t have to deal with my Mom fuckin with my shit and…..whine…whine…whine.

And in my new apartment I’m going to…
Dance like Stevie nicks…and so and so…

And that first part of that entry had to do with this funny thing….

And then this is funny too…

Instead of editing that entry like any other sane person would do, I'm going to leave it as a reminder of my stupidity. As if I needed a stupid blog entry to remind me. I have a blog for that!


I was bitching one day about local radio and how they play Green Day over and over..and OVER. They still do, but H introduced me to a new public radio station.

89.3 the current, was just introduced to the Twin Cities Yesterday at 9am. They make it a point to play local bands and I was shocked to hear Radiohead followed by Frank Sinatra followed by Nas. It’s a quality station with a lot of genres being represented! Any local bands should definitely send them some sound checks!

On another note,

Today everyone was talking and reminiscing about Johnny Carson. News outlets were showing the best clips and the guy was damn funny.

The one comment that kinda irked me was something to the tune of…
“….unfortunately his life ended when he was a little too young…” or something to that notion. I couldn’t disagree more. It definitely sucks that he passed away but 79 is hardly a young age to pass away. In fact the average life expectancy is around 75 for males. I’m sure the comment wasn’t meant literally as it was meant for good nature, but there’s a lot of people that wish everyone could live forever.

Which leads to my view of life on Earth for which I am greatly in the minority.

There are too many damn people on this planet! Whenever someone dies, someone else has to come up with medicine or a cure to prevent such a death in the future. At the start of the 20th century, the life expectancy for the US was about 50 years old, so it’s increased by about 25 years! I don’t know if that’s necessarily a great thing. What are we striving for?

With the human genome deciphered couple years ago, speculation was that the results would range from higher life expectancy to cures for diseases and possibly the addition to alter family genetic traits. So apparently when we have 20 million baby boomers sucking down whatever is left of social security, resources, and younger people’s time; we’ll be throwing daily ticker tape parades with the 500 million people in the US and the 8.5 billion people globally because we can all live till were 100.

I mean I know how many people 'pass on' as a result of terrible diseases like cancer, heart disease, and AIDS but would it really be that great if we cured those diseases?

Don’t get me wrong, my original grandpa died of heart disease in the 60’s and I’ve had a couple of people I know of pass away from Cancer, so I totally understand with the tragedy and heartbreak involved. That is life however.

Believe it or not, death is a part of the life cycle. As important as it is for people to live their lives to the fullest, it’s also just as important that they make their life long contribute to the carbon cycle (being laid to rest).

Damn, that sounds wicked.
I’ll stop there

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