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Monday, January 10, 2005


We're still building and burning down love
Burning down love.
And when I go there
I go there with you
It's all I can do

Sorry, no crap list today, I’m just filled with so much love.
Speaking of love, the first five minutes of the game was so special, I just about left love all over myself.

And THAT was the best Viking game I have ever witnessed.

The words you are reading at this time are words from an extremely happy man.

-God, er Favre threw four interceptions and looked like the worst quarterback ever.
-It happened in Lambeau
-Numerous Packer fans already reserved tickets in Atlanta
-It happened in the playoffs

and most importantly,


The prayer has been answered.

I love it, I love it!

Therefore; If you remember from last Friday I wrote,

“If the vikes win, I’d… -run around my block in my underwear (eh, I can’t
that’s irrational)

-call up ever Packer fan I know and cock off ( I could, but
that’s what a Packer fan does)

-confirm ‘VICTORY’ on the blog (doing so right now)

-stop eating fast food (I plan on giving up fast food for the near

-drink more water (starting today)

-get a house (nah, I’ll talk about it tomorrow. I gotta be rational)

-piss in my sink (for spite) [check that off tonight]

-Send my dad’s friend (Packer season ticket holder) a couple
six packs of the Twin Cities finest brews (talked about that today)

and finally,
-Celebrate like I won next years Stanley’s Cup (someone has
to)” (In the process)

I’m on cloud 9. I absolutely love it!

Of course, Packer fans are going to bitch about Moss. Moss told a fan to ‘look at the mofo scoreboard” and they’re calling that verbal abuse. Awww poor Packer fans, virgin ears couldn’t take the abuse?
That’s a shame.

Then, the celebration that Moss performed (the mooning) was classless.
Maybe, but I don’t care. I thought it was funny. Hell, if he flicked off the crowd I’d still be ‘rollin’ like Culpepper! I hate the packers THAT much.

I wouldn’t care!

In fact, I’ll do this…
*rubs thumb and index fingertips together*
You know what this is? This is the world’s smallest violinist playing JUST FOR THE PACKER FANS.

And then I’ll say this…

Good game guys.


So now, the Vikes are playing Philly next week and the Packers are playing…Oh that’s right, they lost in the playoffs, at ‘magical’ Lambeau, with God at the helm (who, by the way, is a DUMBASS), to none other than the Vikes: The team that has only won two games outdoors in the past two years--The same team that backed themselves into the playoffs-- The same team that has Tice as the coach (which I still don’t like).

Oh it’s so good!

Do I think the Vikes will win next week? I dont know, and I dont care.
This was the game I wanted!

Probably a classless post on my part, but deal with it.
Until tomorrow.

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sasquatch said...

good game tom...hehe