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Thursday, February 24, 2005

An Excuse to Be A Prick

Falling into the tall grass
Melting into the tall grass
Spilling out over the lip
and Into the ocean

89.3, I absolutely love it! I donated, I called up the station, and I’m even volunteering this weekend. One of the sweet benefits of 89.3 is that it’s Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) and thus, you can act like a prick.

Joe: So what station do you listen too?
Berg: Oh I listen to MPR. See, you can tell by the turtleneck sweater that I’m wearing and bottled water that I’m drinking. I’m going to go off in my Jetta now because you’re presence is making me stupid.

Actually, it’s the new station that I listen to at work because-where else can you discover bands like the fiery furnaces and hear the music of Robert Johnson? One night last week at work while I was working as hard as I possibly could, I noticed a sweet, country-ish, mellow type of heavy folk music. It was awesome! The only way I could describe the experience is with a couple hit-or-miss analogies;

-The music was like Sara Evans accidentally calling me up, us having a great hap-hazard conversation, and finally making plans for a nice, sweet little sex date for the weekend.
-…A dildo of music instantly and consistently penetrating my ears
-…finding Barry Bonds in a gutter, severely ill from taking all those friggen ‘roids, and struggling to find his way out of the gutter. That’s when you kick his ass back in. What power!
-One sunny day sitting in a lawn chair on the side of the road when Jennifer Love Hewitt comes walking along. She trips over a stone and ends up accidentally “going down” on me for a good half hour. OOOPS!

Take your pick

The song was “One Big Love” by Patty Griffin who is an artist that none of y’all would enjoy (probably anyway).
I went to perform some research on the artist because the last thing I need is some hardcore Christian artist peaking my interest.

I went to Best Buy to buy two of her albums: Living with Ghosts and Flaming Red.
I started on Flaming Red and I haven’t taken the cd out of my case.

Griffin even writes and performs her own music, which seems to be hard to find in this age of music.
After listening to a record for the first time have you ever had that one great instant classic come jump out at you? Flaming Red has bout six of those instant classics and they all have different styles.
After about two good listens I had to, again, make sure that Patty wasn’t some hardcore Christian. It’s not that I’m against Christians but more about the music they make. How can one be that creative when writing a Christian song? “Praise God, I love the gift of life, I love animals, I don’t worship Satan, and I’ve steered my life in the right direction!”.
The song, “Wiggley Fingers” put a stop to that thinking due to her crystal clear thoughts on Pope John Paul and masturbation.

Griffin has the music backbone of true country artist without being obnoxiously twangy and the writing styles of a genuine folk artist. In Flaming Red, she throws in some rock, pop, and a little progressive with “Big Daddy”.

Griffin has a beautiful voice and it doesn’t get wasted in thirteen, highly produced, formula drivin’ songs. Just when you’ve heard enough of her country songs comes the poppy “Blue Sky” then the folky “ Change” followed by the beautiful song called “Mary” that is-if you put your player on random. Throw in the spicy title track and here is one great road trip album.

If anything, you gotta check out Griffin’s frustration in “Tony”. It’s eye opening!

As I was listening, I was just waiting for some bitchin’ slide guitar to blow this album wide open. The style of the album screams for some hardcore slide guitar, but there was NONE! Talk about a tease! I did get my share of great song writing and a beautiful voice.

All that, and I have an excuse to be a prick!

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Orbitron19 said...

89.3 is Da Bomb! Although I feel a little sheepish because as I was reading your post, I was drinking bottled water and wearing a turtleneck! Good thing I drive a Jeep or I'd have had to kick my own ass!