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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

That Trade...

I don't know where we are
And I don't care
And now we're out of gas
And riding on air
And one big love


Is that what you were expecting to hear?

The sad part is that some people are on the brink of that sort of thinking.

I think it’s because everyone has this image of Randy Moss from 1998 when he was the major factor of our “video game” offense. Seriously, it was like playing Tecmo Super Bowl except that all the plays worked. The Vikings of 1998 could name their score against anyone, anyone except—nevermind, too painful. The Monday Night game of 1998 is what is currently being replayed by everyone’s mind because Moss was Green Bays worst nightmare. Green Bay even drafted four defensive backs the next year because they were so freaked out by Moss.

Not me though, I’m actually optimistic about this trade. Yes, it would’ve been nice to get say, three first round picks, and three immediate defensive impact players and to finally be on the other end of a devastating Herschel Walker trade. However, it is wishful thinking because Terrell Owens was traded for one, single 2nd round pick last year.

I will admit at first I was kind of frustrated of the trade. Then I thought about all those forced passes to Moss and the games we played without Moss this past season. I then began imagining an offense with perfect balance and two solid receivers with Burleson and…Mushin Mohammed or Derrick Mason or Laverneous Coles. At this point I was curious about the future Vikings. The Vikings have a new owner, an awesome quarterback, and an actual pro-bowl defensive lineman. Not to mention 30 million dollars underneath the cap. 30 MILLION DOLLARS!

We’re getting the 7th overall draft pick, an okay linebacker, and a 7th round pick for Moss. The Vikings could do a number of things with this extra pick. They could package the 7th and 18th pick for an even higher pick or they could simply use their picks as is. That is, if they could manage to draft in correct order like any capable team, which has actually been a struggle for them in recent years.

The only thing that could change my opinion of this trade is if they don’t find one of those free agent wide receivers I was talking about earlier.

Then-I-will-bust-a-nut! The entire state of Minnesota may end up creating a torch lit, single file line down to San Antonio for a friendly visit to Red McCombs, if he is behind this trade in effort to save another million.

It wouldn’t be pretty.


Hog said...

I love the trade. I think Moss has been a cancer and would be very Spree-like if he would've had to stay here.

I meen the best part is that he is going to the Raiders!!! Who's going to get him the ball??? Kerry Collins??? Please. Rich Gannon???? Didn't he die last year??

I hope it plays out like the Keyshawn Johnson deal about 5 years ago when he went to the Bucs. Just gove Randy the damn ball, in fact stick it up his ass.

Mike Williams Baby!!! This is the guy that the Vikes need to go after in the draft.

Boof said...

No, the best part is that we dont have to hear Tice say crap like,
"home skillet", and any other stupid ebonyx references from a meathead.