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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

No Vikings Owner Shouldn't Spend No More Money This Year.

Been Dazed and Confused for so long it's not true.
Wanted a woman, never bargained for you.
Lots of people talk and few of them know,
soul of a woman was created below.

-Chalk me up for a SECOND greeting by “Betty”. Damn, I wanna spank that ass like I spanked Hogs!

-I’m starting to receive some bills after a month of living in my apartment. The electric bill was a bit of a surprise as it was only $15, making it the cheapest electric bill I have ever received.


I then began to thing of all the appliances that I have neglected to use: dishwasher, microwave, and even the lights. I figured that I have lights on in that place no longer than 15 minutes a day. Seriously, I’ll come home from work, flip on the lights, turn on the TV, and flip the lights off.

As for the other appliances, I never use the dishwasher because—well, I don’t have any damn dishes. Then I don’t use the microwave because I already have a toaster oven (which is my favorite appliance by far). Don’t use the stove because I don’t have anything to cook with.

-Hog, you can tell your girlfriend that I broke down and acquired some silverware. Actually, I went home and stole a spoon. At some point someone mentioned how they were enjoying root beer floats while watching tv and I started dreaming. I started dreaming about me, sitting in front of the tv, and… sippin’ on a root beer float.

So today I went on a mad search for some quality root beer mugs, vanilla ice cream, an ice cream scoop, root beer, and silverware (to mix the ice cream and root beer up)
I went to Target and blindly walked through the housewares section because I obviously am out of my element. As much as I walked in and out of the aisles I couldn’t find a classic glass mug that I was dreaming about. I could’ve bought a big ass plastic cup but come on.
If you’re going to have a root beer float you have to have a glass fuckin mug!
Went to Pier one—nothing.

That’s when I went home and stole a bunch of stuff.

Now, I’m chillin at the apartment sippin a sweet ass root beer float!

-I talk about radio a lot on here and I especially love talk radio. I grew up on ‘CCO with Dark Star talking me to sleep long into the night. I still listen to a lot of talk radio, more than I care to admit and there is one thing I don’t get.
There is one particular personality that has a show on my station of choice who I just don’t “get” at all.

What the fuck is up with the Common Man? Can someone please, PLEASE explain to me why this guy is the least bit funny? Everyone from on-air personell to people I know (I’m looking at you guys: Hog and H) use his bits on the air and in emails.
It drives me nutz! I’ll listen and get pissed off because I just dont understand the love-affair with him.

-Saw the first baseball game on tv yesterday and now I have the fever. I’m so overcome with sports right now that it’s insane. I looked at the upcoming baseball schedule for the Twins and I think they have the first Sunday night baseball game of the season. ESPN is also broadcasting that game in HD, which I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE!!!! That and INHD and INHD2 are both broadcasting baseball games in HD. There will be more to come later when I’ll have BERG’S BASEBALL PREVIEW.

I hope they bring back that centerfield camera that ESPN experimented with a couple years ago. It’s a hell of a lot better than the stupid basecam or even that dumb home plate vision they had during the World Series.
If FOX wants to go that rout why not Drunkcam or Hecklevision.

-I found out that I’m getting a free preview of Showtime for a week. I’m stoked!

- I saw the headline a couple days ago, “Vikings can't afford not to spend money” was the latest column by Bob Sansevere.


What the fuck kind of a title is that?

-Maurice Cheeks was just fired from the Blazers and rightfully so. The Blazers suck and who the hell could coach that team?
The most famous tidbit of Cheeks is how he helped that girl sing the National anthem when she got nervous. I swear that kept him in the league an extra year.
It was an extraordinary thing Cheeks did and I get chills every time I see a clip of that.

Maybe Flip Saunders will go to the Blazers? I’m sure he wouldn’t take that job it they offered him 20 million a year.

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