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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Thursday NCAA Picks

Livin in a river of darkness
Beneath the neon lights

First, if someone could tell me…

What is all the hype about the PSP about? It seems like a glorified Gameboy to me.

Now for some basketball talk.

My brackets are totally screwed. I’m glad I never ended up paying money because it would’ve just went to some lucky punk'
s pocket anyway.
However, I did predict a couple things correctly.

“Final four : UNC, Washington, Illinois, Gonzaga
-First #1 to fall will be Wake with Illinois squeaking out a close
game in the 2nd round or sweet 16…at some point.

-Illinois will lose in the finals
-UNC should it all win barring any injuries
-Look out for some team out of the Pac 10 to do some damage (Washington probably)
-Gophers will lose in the first round”

Although Wake was never a number one seed, I still kind of predicted it. Yes?
Illinios has had a bit of trouble in the first couple rounds, so I’ll give myself credit with that.
Washington and Arizona are still left from the Pac 10, but that’s a pretty stupid prediction on my part so I’ll save any awarded points.
Then the Gophers lost but I’ll explain why it shouldn’t mean anything in a second.

And that final four I predicted still has three teams left. Although I’d say now that UNC is highly overrated along with most ACC teams for that matter except NC State. UNC looked solid when they beat Duke a couple weeks ago, but now I don’t trust that pick at all. I believe Duke is a more solid pick than UNC based off of their potential route to the final four.

Every year the ACC has the sexiest picks for final four with Duke, UNC, Wake Forest, and especially Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech had to be the Eva Longoria of the Dance because, for some reason, EVERYONE PICKED THEM TO GO FAR!

First question that comes to mind is….why? Why does Georgia Tech seem like a prime candidate all of a sudden?

I just couldn’t figure it out. I even saw that some people had them going all the way!
Georgia Tech! This is the same team that went 20-12. The same team that won only one game in double digets in conference play. The same team that wasn’t even ranked before the conference tournament started. The same team that didn’t even have one vote in the AP poll before the conference tourneys. The same team that was a straight up bubble team.

And somehow they received a 5 seed?

Now, I know they beat UNC and played Duke well in the ACC tournement and I also completely agree that they avoided a bubble bursting with those games. Still, I can see them garnering a 7 seed at the very best.

A 5 seed is pretty much a top 20 team and I don’t think Tech was a top 20 team.

With all that said, I think I know why they received such a high seeding.
I’ll need some participation though.

**A Bergblog Activity**
First thing is that you have to fully participate in this. I don’t care if you’re at work or in a public setting, you need to concentrate.
1. Very quickly say “Georgia Tech” outloud. (You will notice it rolls off the tounge nicely)
2. Now say it in regular toungue.
3. Now say it slowly and carefully.
4. Now look down because you’re probably sporting an erection.

It works everytime.

Now grab a napkin and participate in this last, quick activity.
1. Just blurt out “Jarrett Jack”.

That warm oozing in your pants is the reason for that napkin.

Therefore, Georgia Tech is that sexy of a pick.

For my records, could you please write something in my “comment” box below just so I can write it in my academic report for peer review.
A “I creamed my pants” would do just fine or
"I spooged myself good" is acceptable too.

I also have to mention that my “official brackets” are complete shit because I picked Illinois, Uconn, Duke, and Gonzaga to finish with Uconn winning it all.

Some of my most boneheaded predictions came with,

**sigh** Minnesota beating UNC in the second round.

…I’ll wait…

Reason being…They did play Indiana and Illinois extrordinarily well in the Big Ten Tournemant. They could’ve beat Illinois in front of their homecrowd if it weren’t for a little better ball control. I was feeling gopher love! Therefore the “Gophers to lose in first round” bit should be nixed.

Also… I had Iowa beating Kentucky, and LSU beaing AZ.

I DID, however, have Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the sweet sixteen (seriously) and I also had West Virginia in the mix as well (see Wake Forest sucks, above), so I think those dynamite picks should almost offset those first horseshit picks I had above.

I will try and predict tonight’s games for the hell of it.

No. 1 Washington vs. No. 4 Louisville
This might be the game of the night. I could easily see both teams winning simultaneously…???
Huskies 77 Louisville--ya know, I’m not about to guess the score.

Fuck it-Huskies win a CLOSE one.

No. 1 Illinois vs. No. 12 Wisconsin-Milwaukee
It’s been a good run.
Ilini in a blowout

No. 6 Texas Tech vs. No. 7 West Virginia
The second best game of the night (could easily be the best) this should be a huge battle. This is a harder game to figure out than the Wash/Louis game. I’ll take Tech just because of Knight-my favorite coach.
Tech in another CLOSE one.

No. 2 Oklahoma State vs. No. 3 Arizona
This should be competitive until sometime in the second half. I can see OK State winning by 7-10 when it’s all over.
JamesOn Curry, what a name.
State by what I said before.

Tomorrow I’ll talk a bit on how god damn stupid these NCAA commercials have been.

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