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Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm Losing My Love of Sports

Hey, hey, mama,
said the way you move,
gonna make you sweat,
gonna make you groove.

For the first time in about fifteen years it appears that sports has surpassed my general attention. I don’t know what happened or where my marginal interest is going towards, but specifically the sports of baseball and football are passing me by.

I say this because the NFL draft is coming up and everyone is treating this like it’s the damn Superbowl. Whereas I feel it’s just completely over hyped, boring, and mildly stupid because in football the most highly touted players can easily be nothing but wash-ups. I mean I enjoy the NFL and especially the Vikings, but I couldn’t care less about who they’re going to draft on Saturday.

This year there are mock drafts EVERYWHERE and a mock draft is nothing more than a string of predictions and make-believe because who really knows who’s going to be drafted? Then you have the huge draft experts whose mock drafts change on a daily basis because…I guess players lose their stock while they’re watching tv or living their life?

I think next year I will design my own website where I will have “exclusive” mock drafts and load the site full of fantasy football crap. That’s the business to get into: fantasy football.
The most dumbassed football rube would actually pay $20 to see some other dumbass’s guesses on the upcoming year.

It seems like the last two months have been nothing but NFL draft talk about these here parts. HOW MUCH CAN SOMEONE TALK ABOUT NOTHING, ABOUT SPECULATION?

It’s WAY beyond me.

Then fantasy baseball—this is a topic where I am more disappointed in myself. When did this start becoming a fad? I always remember those complete sabermetric nerds always playing fantasy baseball in high school but now everyone’s playing. I know I can’t pay attention to the Twins everyday let alone how Timo Perez is doing.

Then the NBA playoffs are starting and I…have nothing to add after that.

I may be turning into an adult?

Pffff yeah right.

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Orbitron19 said...

Losing love of sports is a common malady among young men. Not like taste loss or ED, but at a certain point, when you realize that you're not going to be on that field, when you start to look silly in a jersey, and when you get more and more jaded by the drug/cheating/wifebeating/murder scandals, it's normal. But I'll tell you what I do when start to get that way--go watch a sport that no one really cares about. Go watch a high school lacrosse game or a little league game. It helps.
I also agree with you on the NFL draft, it is the most hyped pile of shite ever to be on the airwaves.Who gives a rats ass who you picked when you won't see them play for another five months?