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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Story of Boof

is misery
made beautiful
right before our eyes
will mercy be revealed
or blind us where we stand

Seriously, I was this damn close to a hundred hits yesterday.

I’m worried. I’m taking bets on my survival at this point-I got $50 says that I don’t last the weekend! Any takers?

Just to add to yesterday's topic, anyone have this card?

I’m someone of that near hundred was stumbled on the web address of this blog and said something like,
“Ok it’s titled ‘bergblog’ but the actual address is ‘boofberg’, which makes no sense at all. Then he talks about regretting Ruben Sierra’s autograph when he obviously meant Derek Jeter’s. This kid is screwed up.”

Ah but am I? See, I tried to twist things around with the Ruben Sierra remark because you thought I meant Derek Jeter, but I said….

As far as the screwed up remark, I agree.
And I don’t think that many people know the deal behind Boof. In fact I’m sure 90% of yall’s thought I made it up.

I wish!

The story of Boof

(gather ‘round everyone)

‘Twas November 2003, I was in school and needed something to do after school and before work so I gave into temptation and played video games. When it came to ‘usernames’ I would always type in tomberg or Berg or Tberg or thrillho. Nothing all that unique and memorable.

Then the Twins traded A.J. Pierzynski to the Giants for Joe Nathan and two minor leaguers. One of those two minor leaguers went by the name of Boof Bonser. The instant sadness of losing (what I thought was) a top five catcher instantly turned into intrigue about this particular individual.

I never heard a name like it, but I was fascinated.

For all my life I have been called a goof because I am. Who else admittedly tap dances in the freight elevator, steps on large tiled floors hoping that they’ll light up like they did for Michael Jackson, takes pride in their own ignorance, dreams of the local courtside reporter, and gives **themself** a nickname.

That and it was perfect: Berg + Goof = Gorg—I mean Boof.

So from that day on I would have my username as Boof.

Whenever I’d play Tiger Woods Golf—Boof
Whenever I’d play Medal of Honor—Boof
Whenever I go bowling—Boof
Whenever I have my own blog—Boof

Not exactly Hamlet, I know, but it's got a better ending than Romeo and Juliet.

Which leads my to the address of this blog.

Basically it’s a fuckup because if I wasn’t the product of a Wisconsin man and an Iowan Woman, I’d be wiping my ass with my tiny, wittle, Bachelors degree and giving people deadly paper cuts with my doctorate instead.

If I only had a brain, I would have bergblog.blogspot as the main address instead of the confusing boofberg.blogspot. But after I initially got those two people to stumble on the page, it was too late. I couldn’t do that to my own two readers (if they even read it. They were probably more like, “WTF” and left.)

Boof Bonser is currently playing for the AA team and I’m hoping he’ll make it to the big leagues so I can buy his jersey.

That would be damn awesome!

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Orbitron19 said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who screwed up and named his blog backasswards. Live & learn, eh? You'll be surprised at what topics bring responses & how many hits you'll get a day. It just grows and grows....The legend of BOOF!