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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Cal Ripken, Overrated?!

It doesn't hurt when I bleed.
But my memories they eat me.
I've seen it all before.
Bring it on cause I'm no victim.

I’m a huge fan of talk radio and yesterday I heard the following comment just before I went to work,

“…in my book Cal Ripken is overrated.”

I was playing some video game golf at the time and I instantly dropped my controller and thought about that statement and then frowned as hard as possible.

Knowing that this statement came from H’s roommate I instantly emailed H with,

Sent: Monday, May 09, 2005 2:25 PM
To: H
Subject: RE: I heart Will Smith

Cal Ripken, overrated?

Do me a favor and slap D when you get home.


And that was that.

But it wasn’t. That damn comment stayed with me until today and it kept eating away at me.

I was trying to plan the new project at work until, ‘Cal Ripken, overrated’ kept creeping into my mind. Everyone I talked to kept saying,
"Cal-Cal-Cal, overrated Ripken-Ripken-overrated-Ripken-Cal-overrated."

I shrugged it off and tried to put it behind me, but the baseball purist in me was saying,
“Tom, that’s complete blasphemy! Cal Ripken is overrated? You gotta be shitting me! You gotta call up H and tell him to tell D to go fuck himself! Do it! DO IT!!!

Then the easy going, carefree, serenity seeking part of me said,
Fuck it dude, lets go bowling!

Then I had,

The carefree me was loosing a lot of ground.

So I had find old forums for people who felt Ripken was overrated.

Turns out the sabermetric nerds were saying that he was the leader in GIDP (ground into double plays) and his 3000hits and 400 HR numbers were only due to his longevity.

(blink: blink)

My head pretty much exploded from reading that shit and now I am happy to announce that I am typing this while decapitated. :]

Ah, I don’t know. I don’t remember Ripken being criticized for being the horrendous DB inning killer. I never thought longevity would be a *bad* thing either.

**Warning! Cathartic anecdotes and stats to follow**

-400 homeruns for a SS in the 80’s
-Over 3000 hits, which will be few and far between in the future
-1982 Rookie of the year (beat out Kent Hrbek I believe).
-Two time MVP (HELLO!!! Does that sound overrated to you?) even compares him to ‘similar hitters’ as:
Dave Winfield
Al Kaline
Robin Yount
George Brett

-And not to mention a certain streak he holds. I can’t remember what it is though.

My favorite all-time baseball memory is centered around Mr. Ripken as well.

Gather ‘round everyone

September 6, 1995 Game 2131
The game was televised on ESPN and it was the most anticipated game in five years. Everyone had it penciled in for years and this was the game. I was skinny 15 year old at the time and I wasn’t going to miss this game for anything.

Coming into this game I think everyone pretty much expected Ripken, being the center of attention for the country on this particular day, would go 0-4 and strike out a couple times due to such pressure. After all, everyone clearly came and watched for him and not so much for the Orioles. Plus, just the day before he crushed a homerun down the left-center seats during his streak tying game, which was amazing enough.

I can’t remember what inning it was but I know it was the middle innings when Cal ripped a pitch to the same left-center seats. I have never had chills as much as I had at this moment. Cal Ripken just hit a homerun during *his* game. The crowd went nuts and Chris Berman almost tossed his cookies calling the game on ESPN.

At that moment I figured that only Cal Ripken would be able to hit a home run during such a game.

Even typing that up gives me chills.


The guy played SHORTSTOP (of all positions) where every time there’s a runner on first he’s got to catch the ball in front of a guy running full blast at him with cleats pointed at his groin FOR 15 YEARS without taking a day off!!!!

GOOD GOD!!!! And the thought of someone comparing Ripken to AROD or Miguel Tejada is completely fucking stupid!

Apples and Oranges!


Now if it was someone else like Manny Rodriguez, Mike Piazza, Kevin Brown, or even Alex Rodriguez overrated, I wouldn’t really care. I’d even agree completely with the first three, but not Cal Ripken!

Ok I’m done.


1 comment:

Orbitron19 said...

As someone who watch American League baseball for his entire life and saw Ripken's entire career, we will have to disagree slightly.
Cal Ripken was a great player.
Cal Ripken is a Hall-of Famer.
Cal Ripken is overrated.
Yes, the streak was amazing and his 3K hits and 400HR's are great, but let me ask you this: Is he the Shortstop in your all-time greatest lineup?