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Monday, May 23, 2005

Father and Son Attending a Baseball Game

Rhiannon rings like a bell thru the night
And wouldn't you love to love her
She rules her life like a bird in flight
And who will be her lover...


I just noticed this yesterday after 25+years of living in the area.
I don’t know about all you alls, but I think I’m a genius!

Also, if you noticed I slightly changed the title of this badboy and now that fuck-up that keep reminding me everyday is now smudged up a bit.

It's like throwing a mad party a couple days ago when someone took a dump on your living room carpet. Instead of replacing the carpet you simply put a doiley over the shitstain.

This is also the jersey I’m getting.

Speaking of baseball, my Dad invited me to the Twins game yesterday along with a couple of his long time buddies.

Baseball is one of the only games that bridges the generation gap from father to son and even a grandpa. It’s the one simple game that encourages male family bonding. Any baseball park during any baseball game at anytime would make Norman Rockwell shoot his load with artistic potentials.

Remember when I said how my Dad was on a special pedestal a couple weeks ago? Watching the game with him was…. Well, here’s some of the dialogue. Keep in mind he talks really loud because he’s a little hard of hearing.

Dad’s Friend I: There’s this player for Cleveland whose name is Coco Crisp. How’s that for a funny name!
Berg: Yeah, there’s this guy in the Twins AAA team whose name is Boof Bonser!
*Dad’s friend I &II both kinda chucking a bit*
Dad: Goof?
Berg: No, BOOF!
Dad: Oh Bonser? What’s so funny about that?
Berg: No not Bons-ughh never mind.

4th inning
Dad: Santana’s going great it’s too bad wont pitch the whole game
*Santana had a no-hitter at that time and also striking out 5 of 6 batters*
Berg surprised: Santana’s got a career game going. If he keeps doing this he’ll definitely make it nine!

8th inning
*runners on 1B and 2B with ONE OUT when someone grounds out to the pitcher advancing the runners.*
Dad: It’s a good thing he did that because now there can’t be a double play.

Also later that inning

There were four 13 year old annoying girls sitting behind us and he was more annoying that all of them. COMBINED.
I wanted to slap him.

But the best quote actually came from the guy who sat behind us. This guy was wearing a yellow polo shirt with these khaki shorts. He looked like he lived in yuppieville. His kids wanted to stay and watch the game and he and his wife seemed really uninterested in everything.

Top of the 8th, Milwaukee just took the lead at 3-1
The Dad: 3-1, it’s over. Lets go.

Me and the guy sitting next to me had a good chuckle over that one.

Crap List

1. Work
I hope to Christ that they put me on days after this ‘project’ is over.

This ‘project’ is taking all my time by itself let alone all the other pesky things I gotta do. I’ve had to say an hour in a half later for the past three days at work and there’s no time for anything.
After working for 3+ years at this place WITHOUT A RAISE (I’ve been asking too) this project should give my some good leverage at the very least. Then maybe the’ll put me on days AND give me a raise AND…I don’t know.

This deal starts tomorrow and I gotta be a hard-ass now

2. “God, I can’t believe the Twins aren’t on TV!”
I’ve heard this so many times in the last couple weeks. This coming one year from the Twins successful “Victory Sports Channel” fiasco. How long was it last season where we didn’t have Twins baseball on TV? It seemed like forever!

Plus, like 90% of the games are on TV anyway, so what the hell are you bitching about?


3. Kraft
It’s been about two years now since I haven’t had White Cheddar Cheese Nips and I’m still recovering from the addiction. As far as I’m concerned Kraft just one-up’d the “new” coke by pulling White Cheddar Cheese nips from the shelves.

What the hell is wrong with them?

And don’t, DON’T even mention White Cheddar Chez-it’s. I’ll kick you good!

4. People who stop or slow down to look at wreaks on the freeway.
You sit in 25 minutes of a traffic jam only to find out that it’s nothing more than people slowing down to see some crash. You’d think that with everyone driving everyday since they’ve been 16 that they’d know how to drive. You’d think that out of a hundred drivers, 80% would know how important it is to ignore and keep driving!

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