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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Hello? Sun?

Haven't seen the sun for seven days
November's got her nails dug in deep
Haven't seen my son for seven years
and the chances are we'll never again meet

The first two lines of that verse are absolutely true.
The last two are uh--not true.

I don’t want to talk about the weather on here, but now it’s gone too damn far. Plus, I’m the blogmaster (for some reason Microsoft works thought I meant bolometer?) and so I’m going to bitch about the weather because I want to.

There was once a time last month where I turned my heat all the way down because I didn’t need it. Spring was here and in full effect. I would even make it routine to come home and open my balcony door all the way. Then the mosquitoes started coming out and I thought, ‘Man, wouldn’t it be great if we had another couple days of freezing temps so we kill off that first batch of mosquitoes?’. Then the mentality was: Temp gets cold, perspective of spring is lost until it warms up again, and then spring comes back again. Basically a double dose of one of my favorite seasons.

Sure enough half that wish was granted.

Now it’s been about two weeks later and I’m wondering when that freeze is going to stop. I had to turn up the heat in my place and I haven’t opened up my balcony door in a couple weeks. One Sunday a couple weeks ago we had flurries!

Flurries in MAY! I expect such crap in April but not the middle of May.

Is Mother nature on a smoke break?

Now this is the part of the weather rant where you think, ‘Oh, now he’s going to get into La Nina, El Nino, and global warming.

Hell no. This is just pure bitching.

I usually go for a good run when it’s nice outside. I haven’t ran in about 10 days. It’s rained just about every one of those ten days!

What ever happened to those beautiful May days where we tar the license plate factory being men with our bottle of suds? Actually that was Shawshank--never mind.

May is a month where we smell the flowers and patiently wait for school to end in June. Seeing as I don’t go to school anymore, I’m supposed to be living it up now. And you can’t live it up in 45 degree pouring rain.

I mean what the hell?

Time for bed…

oh, these are jo-jos

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Hannes said...

Ah yes, we have "jo-jos" too, but here they are simply called wedges.