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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Love for the Frisbee

I wanna be your t-shirt when it's wet;
wanna be the shower when you sweat;
I gotta to be the tattoo on your skin;
ya lemme be your bed baby - when you climb in

Great Moments in Frisbee Throwin’ History
Me and my bro were whipping the Frisbee around when we were really little. Anyway I whip (or however you call the motion of letting a Frisbee go) this little floater and just before it hit the casually outstretched hand of my bro, the wind kicks up and the Frisbee lifts itself onto his forehead.
"BONK" went the Frisbee followed by a stunned look by my bro.
I laughed for a good 17 days after that.

Monday I ended up tossing the Frisbee around with my family and I think it’s rekindled a new love for the Frisbee.

I want to start playing Frisbee golf and Frisbee football--by the way, I kicked ass in football this weekend!--and I also want to hang out with those hippies at the UofM and figure out what ‘ultimate Frisbee’ is all about. I want to go to a driving range and instead of lugging an assload of golf clubs I’d just have a couple Frisbees and ’whip away’ and watch as the Frisbee ever so gracefully directs itself amongst a shower of golf balls.

I’ve always thought that playing catch with the Frisbee when it’s mostly calm with haphazard breezes can be extraordinarily fun considering the ‘hitting in the face’ factor.

In fact most sports are better when the ‘hitting in the face’ factor is in play. Baseball, for instance, I remember this one left fielder when I was like 12 or something who went for this frozen rope lace right at him in left. He stuck out his glove in an awkward position and SMACK, right in the face.

We lost that game and if a teammate is unable to make the play, the ball may as well hit him in the face is what I say.

Back to Frisbee, it’s so satisfying watching that crazy-ass Frisbee just floating it’s way to the other person. It’s also cool when the Frisbee is throwing up into the air and it ends up coming back to you!

That’s ridiculous!

I wonder how far I could whip a Frisbee.


Hog said...

Berg, as President I order you to come up with some better material. I've let it go far enough, this has to stop. I mean get yourself kidnapped, get struck by lightning, something for christ sake.

We're going to have to do have a ton of fun and come up with some stories for you when we go to Milwaukee and KC cause I can't stand this anymore.

I think when you found out about the City Page award thing, you can write anything down and it's comedy gold. Not really, been kind of boring lately. The "blog about nothing" bit isn't working. I'd rather do homework man.

KC for caps!

Boof said...

You want some of this beotch?

When we go to Milwaukee I'm going to make it a point to fart on your fuckin face whenever I get the chance. I'm gonna give you a severe methane overdose and light your nostrils on fire.

Hog said...

Personally I'd rather you come up with a story without me involved. I'm not sure I would care for a face full of fart, but that's just me.

Maybe you could pick up a Milwaukee skank at a bar and get herpes, or crabs from her. Now that would be funny, that would make a good blog entry. Maybe you could win another "blog of the day" thing with that.

KC for caps!